Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Leaders, Confrontations, and an Upgrade

I haven't been posting as often lately, and I think the reason for that is two-fold. On one hand we are busy. Erik is in and out of town taking care of his parents. The boys have a summer agenda which consists of lots of outdoor play. And, we had Vacation Bible School at our church last week ~ the boys attended and I helped with crafts.

And, on the other hand, I am going through a kind of funny stage right now.

If I have learned anything about parenting in the last 6 years, it is that it comes in stages, phases, or whatever you want to call them. Some stages are sweet, some are fun, some are trying, and some are downright difficult. And, right now the testosterone level in this house is wearing me out! I don't consider myself to be a leader. Deana B. would argue with me on that, but I think it is true. And, I have four little wanna~be leaders growing up under me, and I am learning how to handle them ~ how to handle myself. All my life I have fought to avoid confrontation at all costs, and now I am facing confrontations all day everyday.
Little boys.
God made them with the desire to lead, to conquer, to fight, and to protect. Those are wonderful things when they are under His direction. But, harnessing them, channeling them is a huge challenge ~ one that I didn't see coming. But, I am attempting to adjust, to get my barrings, to figure this thing out ~ if that is possible.
All that to say, I have been a bit distracted from the computer lately! But, hey, speaking of leaders, my number 3 boy has a new thing that he likes to say to aggravate his big brothers. He walks up to them, puffs his little chest out as big as he can, and says in his loud, deep, raspy voice, "I da BOSS of dis house." This angers his big brothers who argue that Daddy is the boss of the house. But, Elijah, unrelentingly repeats his little phrase over and over, all the while smiling overcomingly as he fuels their anger. He loves it. They hate it. And, these sorts of things go on all day long within the walls of our sweet home!
So, here is Lijah in two pictures that I like to call. . .
The Upgrade. . .

This summer Erik Daniel has taken over the baby swing, and Elijah has upgraded to a big boy swing. And, he is oh, so proud of himself!!! Can you tell??


Amy said...

Those little boys are incredibly blessed to have you as their mother. There is no doubt that you will do your very best as you go through this stage. I know you are seeking God as you raise your sweet, Godly, little men - He will guide you each and every day through your boy-filled journey!

Jill said...

I've decided my mothering truth is that the moment I have a stage, personality trait or issue figured out "they" have changed.
Only having one boy who is slowly turning into a young man before my eyes I have to say don't sweat the small stuff. Some days I look at who he is becoming and just thank God that all my flaws and mess ups have not impacted him.
You have some fun days ahead.

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