Monday, April 12, 2010

A Spring Weekend

Playing in the dirt with Daddy. . .I think Daddy enjoys the dirt as much, or maybe even more, than his little boys!!

I am amazed every year at how the entire world goes from lifeless, empty, and dull to vibrant, full, and beautiful in literally one week's time!! The change happens so subtly that unless you pay close attention, you will miss it entirely. But, at the same time, the change happens so fast that it makes me shake my head in amazement!!!

Last week as Erik was driving Joshua to school one morning, Erik prayed out loud, "Thank You, God, for how you make all things new ~ just like You do with souls who come to You. You fill dead things with fresh, new life!" And, from the backseat Joshua said, "I've never thought of that, Daddy! I've never thought about how spring is a lot like what God does to our hearts! I've never thought of it that way!" A little spring revelation!!!

Budding flowers are my favorite ~ almost more than their end result ~ beautiful spring flowers!! It is as if they are saying, "If you think this is beautiful, just wait and see how beautiful we will be when God opens us up!!!"
Our land is full of blooming things and happily buzzing insects. If only I were as fond of the insects as I am the blooms!! But, I. am. not. I think winter is beautiful in its own way. I love the barren trees and the cold, cozy temps. But, watching God turn an overcast barren land into a land filled with sunshine and bright abundant life is nothing short of a miracle. I marvel at this work of His hands every year. And, no matter how many years I have watched Him do it, it never gets old. It never ceases to amaze me.

Hard-working hands. . .

Each year, when spring comes, I remember the first time we visited this place we now call home. Nine years ago we came here searching for the perfect home ~ the first home we would buy together, the place where we would one day watch our children play. It was springtime, and the land was so beautiful to us. It still is ~ even more so because it has become a part of us. Four bouncing baby boys have come home from the hospital to this place. We have watched them grow and run and play and conquer little worlds here on this land, our sweet, sweet home. And, spring reminds me of the young couple who came searching for a place to call their own. We welcome you, sweet season!!

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