Friday, April 23, 2010

Light in the Darkness. . .

JCT is my thinker ~ the one with all the questions ~ and all the answers!!! :-)

The other night as I was going through the motions of our bedtime routine, JCT asked a question that shook me right out of my auto-pilot like stupor.

I was reading the story of Creation in one of our Children's Bibles. I got to the part about God saying, "Let there be light" and there was, of course, light. And, before I could move on to the next sentence, James Christofer interrupted me.

"Wait a second. I just thought of something."

I am always intrigued by his thoughts, so I asked, "What did you think of?"

He said, "Well, I've never thought of it before, but I guess God didn't create the dark. It was just there, and He created the light."

I pondered his thought, then agreed with him that it never says that God created darkness ~ just that He created light in a dark void space.

I thought about his question for a long time after I kissed his sweet cheek goodnight. Did he have any idea as to the depth of the question he posed? I've heard many times the whole deal about did God create evil? If he created all things then He had to have created evil, right? Then, I've also heard it said that God didn't create evil. God is love, and in Him, because of Him, love exists. But, apart from Him, in His absence, evil exists.

And, JCT's question kind of seems to back that last theory. In God there is light and apart from Him there is darkness. He brought light and love into a dark, empty, void space. Take away the Light, and what are you left with?

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