Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Story of My Life Lately. . .

I am constantly chasing this little one. . .He loves to hide, climb, run, and grab everything his cute little arms can reach!! I am nearly pulling my hair out here!!! He is either in the toilet bowl, Rain's water or food bowls (he loves to put Rain's food into his water bowl and watch it float), or climbing up and standing on one of my bar stools with his hands in the fish bowls. I swear he has 8 arms all busy and moving in different directions at all times!!

One of the boys came inside and forgot to bolt the back door. . .

He was outside and on the front porch before I could turn my head! And, then there was the afternoon when a friend called me with a question. While I was talking with her, he opened the baby gate, let himself into the foyer, closed the gate behind himself, went upstairs, into his big brothers' room, climbed to the top of the bunk bed's ladder, and laughed at me when I walked in and screamed!!!

We are months away from being two years old, and I am beginning to fear what might lie ahead!!!!!!! Please, Lord, keep him safe!!!!

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Jenny said...

Oh yes, I can definitely relate to this! My littlest guy just turned 3 and he keeps me hopping with his busy body! :)

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