Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Well, the winter storm came and left us with more snow than anyone expected. Our area received between 9 and 11 inches of pure fun. We have played and played and played. The boys were sooooo tired last night. They played hard yesterday! Just walking in that much snow will make you tired!!!

Joshua and Erik were on a Father/Son trip, so they missed the big snow. :-( But, they've made memories and had a blast doing what they were doing!! But, while they were away, I was so impressed with sweet JCT!! He took off without looking back when the neighbors came by on their four wheeler. He has come and gone with them off and on for the past two days. He hears that four wheeler and runs out the front door to play. Usually, he would ask what Joshua wants to do, and then he would do whatever Joshua decided to do. But, without Joshua he has been fine ~ confident and brave ~ going off with the neighbors and trying new things! He decided that he wants a 4 wheeler and a sled for his birthday! Ha! If only we got this much snow every winter!!!!! Oh, to live further north!!! ;-)

My yard is still covered in white, and that is heaven to me! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Mama took lots of pictures for me. I am never in pictures because I usually always take them, so it is funny (and nice :-) to have pictures of me with the kids! Today the roof is dripping, and that makes me so sad. I am hoping and praying for at least one more snow before the end of winter!! But, in case we don't get one, we made the absolute most of this snow ~ snow cream, snow angels, snowmen, snowball fights, sledding, and lots of cups of hot drinks sitting by windows displaying our very own winter wonderland. . .


HW said...

I must say I'm envious. We have had snow but nothing like the Southern states have had. Here we are in Illinois and we can't even get a snow day.

I really want a snow day where my daughter and I can snuggle and watch girl movies together and make cookies and paint our nails.

Ah well. We are just halfway through January. Surely there is a snow day in our future.

Enjoy your sweet family and the wonderful coziness that winter brings.

Living to Love said...

certainly looks like snooow much fun!

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