Monday, January 17, 2011

The Remains of a Fun Week. . .

And, now it is back to work as usual! Actually, we had a very good and productive day today! We started at 8 sharp and finished at 3. It was a full, good day. But, I am missing the snow and all the fun that went along with it!!

Oh, well.

Today, I am so thankful! I am thankful for. . .

* The little one inside of me who is getting so much bigger as evidenced by the increasing intensity of the kicks I am feeling!

* For a home and a husband home with me, a home cooked meal cooking in the oven, clean clothes rolling and tumbling in the dryer, little boys scurrying about at my feet, and soft praise music playing for the sake of my sanity. :-)

* I am thankful for friends of all shapes and kinds that God has blessed me with over the years. I am thankful for old friends and new friends. Friends who understand my life, and friends who think I'm crazy ~ but love me anyway!

* I am thankful for a resolute and unwavering husband. He is my right hand, my anchor, my rock. I am so glad to have him home again!

* For my selfless Mama who I miss with all my heart ~ our late night talks, early morning chats over hot tea and coffee, the spiritual mentor she is to me ~ challenging me like crazy, and all the laughs at my silly boys!

* The changes God is making in me each day as I attempt to lay down my life and serve my family without complaining too much!

* My Lord Who is faithful and good to me despite my raging internal battles with pride and control!! I believe He will see me through!

Now off to work a bit before my sweet hubs comes home!

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Sarah said...

And I am thankful to be called an old friend! Much love to you today :)

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