Thursday, January 13, 2011

Like a Child. . .

Last night Erik and I took a little time to talk and catch up since we haven't seen much of each other these days!!! (He was in Israel for ten days then came home for a little over 12 hours and flew out to Phoenix with our oldest son early the next morning! Whew!) And, as I was telling him about our great snow, I made the comment that nothing turns grown men into little boys like a good snow! The men in our neighborhood literally turned into little boys when they woke up Monday morning to yards and streets full of snow. You should have seen their silly grins as they drove their four wheelers around the neighborhood! Grown men sledding down hills and being pulled behind four wheelers! Big kids is what they were!! Even Mr. Cole looked like a big kid walking Belle up and down the street. And, no doubt, he was the first to venture out of his driveway on that cold morning!

At one point a man drove a large four wheel drive truck down our street. When he got in front of my home, he rolled his window down. His extended cab truck was packed full of men with silly grins! He smiled hugely at me and announced, "Hey! We are going into town! Need anything??" So thoughtful and so cute!! These men couldn't contain their excitement! They were going on an adventure! They were going out into the great white wilderness of our small town!!! Made my heart sing! Cute!

But, you know what? They aren't the only ones who turn into kids when the snow begins to fall!! I do, too!! I've had so much fun today playing outside with all four of my boys. No doubt, I've had more fun than they have! I wanted to stay out most of the day, but they kept getting cold!! Silly boys! Must be that new extra warm coat my Daddy bought me!!! :-) Anyway, I'm not sure what came over me this afternoon! But, when my kids were adequately occupied inside, I snuck out the backdoor...

And, guess what I did?

The child in me came out, and as quickly and accurately as I could, I walked out "I Love Erik!!" in a virgin patch of snow in our front yard!! It is hard to read, but it is there! I remember doing this as a child, and it was great fun for me to get to do it today!! Wonder if he'll notice???

I'll be sure to point it out to him if he doesn't!!! :-) I love him ~ even more than I love snow!!! Ha! :-) And, I am so excited to have him home again!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

aww...such a sweet romance you to have! Thanks for sharing!

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