Friday, August 05, 2011

Family Time

We had a great time visiting with Erik's brother and his family this past week.  Jason and Jen have 5 kids, too, and their ages line up fairly close to our childrens' ages.  Needless to say, the kids had a blast.  Jen was my best friend in nursing school, so we are always excited to get some time to talk, as well.  And, Erik and Jason, well, they do what they do best... bring out the silly in each other and go to the movies! :-)

We decided to celebrate all the kids' birthdays all together, all at one time.  We don't live close enough to go to each other's parties, so we decided to have one big birthday party.  And, Deana B bought the kids balloons, and Erik decorated the cookie cakes for us!!

I made a picture video of our time together, but some of my favorite moments were not caught on film!  Moments like when I looked over at JCT and Katey during the worship service on Sunday, and they were smiling and playing rock, paper, scissors. :-)  Or, the late night planning/scheduling Jen and I did ~ my kitchen table filled with papers and calendars and curriculum.  And, sweet conversations with my friend over hot drinks on even hotter days!  Or, when I handed Abby her birthday present, and Jen said, "Get ready, she is going to scream when she sees what it is." But, I didn't really think she meant that Abby would really scream, and then Abby opened her present and let out a 15 second long shrill scream, and I was slightly taken aback. :-) After she finished I looked over at Jen and said, "I think she liked it?"  And, one last favorite ~ watching my little namesake hug one of my old bridesmaid's dresses when I brought out a bin of them for the girls to play in.  Sweet memories!

Know ~ Dukes Family from jason dukes on Vimeo.


Deidre said...

What a sweet time. I loved seeing all the pictures. Wow - you had a houseful. Great memories for your kiddos!

Anonymous said...

Erin although you dont know me your sweet husband and Jason were a part of my life long ago when my family lived in New Orleans while in seminary. It is so special to see how close they are and how much love you share!! You are an amazing lady! I have followed your blog since Jimmy and Reita's awful accident. You have inspired me in so many ways!!You are truly a beautiful person.

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