Saturday, August 13, 2011

Good Old Rain Dog.

I often tell people that Rain has been with Erik longer than I have.

I guess that isn't entirely true.  Erik and I had been dating a year and a half when Erik got Rain.  He says that I mentioned wanting a dog, but I knew that my dad wouldn't let me have one.  So, Erik claims he bought Rain for me.  But, really, I think he bought Rain for himself. :-)  Or, maybe, he bought Rain for us.

Regardless, thirteen years ago a single guy living all alone, bought a dog, and our little family began.

Rain has always been a healthy dog except for a few UTI's.  And, I think we've always assumed he'd be with us forever.  Fast forward to a couple weeks ago...

Rain started panting and pacing unable to rest well or find comfort.  So, we took him to the vet, and they discovered a large tumor on his spleen.  So, we opted to have surgery to remove it.  But, when he went in for surgery, we didn't know what they would find upon opening him up.  And, we didn't know how well he would handle surgery being so old and all.  They gave us a little time alone with him before surgery...

It is crazy to pet your dog's soft fur and silky his sweet ears and know that it just might be the last time.

One five pound tumor later and Rain was good.  He had a few setbacks, a little bout with pancreatitis, but, all in all, he did well for a dog his age.

He had to stay with the vet for 5 days, and we missed him so much!  The boys did very well until Erik's brother and their family left, and then suddenly they began to notice his absence.  Joshua made a sign and hung it from the mailbox asking those who pass by to please "Pray for my dog Rain."  And, he made this replica of Rain and lay it on his bed...

We went to visit Rain several times during his stay.  They let us take him outside and pet him and spend a few minutes alone with him.  But, those visits were hard because Rain wanted so badly to come home with us, and we felt horrible leaving him.  At home the boys missed his barking ~ which we all hate normally!  JCT spilled some yogurt on the floor one day, then looked up at me and said, "If Rain were here, he'd eat that for me."  And, Elijah remarked one day that, "It just isn't the same without Rain."

But, finally, we got to go pick up our Boo Boo and bring him home!!!!  Doesn't he look happy!!!

He is taking quite a few meds, and his pathology reports are still pending.

But, we are so glad to have him home with us...

And, I think he is glad to be home with us, too.  We don't even mind all the barking.  We're actually kind of thankful for it!

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Kelly said...

So sweet! Our pets are truly a part of the family. So glad he did well in surgery and pray he continues to heal.

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