Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Four Month Old Jackaroo!!

Hi, Mr. Four months!

Man, you are stealing my heart!  You have such a sweet personality, and it is really beginning to shine through!!  Your brothers adore you!  They are absolutely crazy about you ~ never leaving you alone!!  They always want to hold you, lay beside you, tickle you, or dance in front of you and make you laugh!!

You have such sweet big brothers!!

 You are really beginning to be a lot of fun ~ playing with things and interacting with us!  You are still sleeping in the pack and play beside our bed, and you are not yet on a firm schedule.

  You look like a combination of all your brothers.  I can see every one of them in you at one time or another.  I love how they love you and how you love them with all your big smiles and giggles.  We are so glad to have you in our family!  We love our little Jackaroo!


Sarah said...

I think all your boys have the same adorable grin! Happy four months, Jack!! Love you, sweet Erin. Press on today . . .

Anonymous said...

so much love for one sweet family! glad to hear things are going so well. i decided not to homeschool, God opened up to me another way that was best. :0) thanks for your advice seemingly so long ago!

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