Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Around Here

It has been quiet here in our little corner of the world.  We spent most of last week alternating between resting/relaxing and playing/organizing!!  With the help of my sweet little men and my big man,  I got so much done!  I started this week refreshed and happy!

It makes such a difference in my day when my house is not overly cluttered!  We got all the toys organized (has to be done at least 4 times a year) upstairs toys and downstairs toys.  I was able to get the clothes bins organized and completely switched out.  The boys worked outside and cleaned out the garage.  And, :-) we got our Christmas decorations up making our house warm and ready for the upcoming season!  Love it!

We had a little bit of excitement yesterday.....

It snowed.... In November.... How fun!!  Unfortunately, it did not stick to the warm ground, but I can't tell you how fun it was to look over Joshua's shoulder this morning as we worked together on math and see sweet little white flakes floating down to the ground outside our schoolroom window. :-)  I text Erik and begged him to move me farther north, but he just text back that he loves me.  Oh, well!!

JCT brought this ring home to me from church Sunday.  I LOVE it!!  I haven't taken it off yet ~ but it is turning black, so I'll have to retire it soon!  

Yesterday, we knew that the snow might come, and we were pumped!!  I get a wee bit silly over snow!  It is like a party around our home when snow is in the forecast!!  So, to celebrate the freezing cold weather, the boys and I made peanut butter pinecones to feed the birds....

And, we made hot chocolate to drink with our afternoon reading...

 We are still fairly busy, but I feel myself shifting into holiday mode.  I am loving the relaxed atmosphere around our house lately!  We only have this Friday and the next left of Excelsior for this semester.  We are all looking forward to a nice break for Christmas!!!

It is almost time for Christmas cookies and goodies!

Another happy thing happened yesterday besides the snow...  A sweet friend of mine text me to let me know that she was bringing my family dinner...

every Monday for the rest of my pregnancy!!  How precious is that!  She had been telling me for several months that she was praying about a way to help me.  She runs the music ministry at our church and is sooo busy!!!  And, I really never thought much of her saying it because really what can anyone do to help a busy mama!  Other than move in and become a housekeeper!  That would be quite helpful!  Anyway, I was floored by her thoughtfulness!!!  And, the best part is that she is an awesome cook!  So, yummo!!!!!  I am so grateful!  She brought potato soup and chocolate chip cookies this week.  Heaven. Pure heaven.  I'm a sucker for creamy soups, so I was a happy, happy girl! Potato soup on a snowy cold evening!! :-)

Life is good!

Life is loud and busy and wild and chaotic around here!  But, I am thankful for all of it, all the noise, busyness, and activity!  There is a lot of life in our home, and that is a good thing!

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Bree said...

what a precious friend :) congratulations to you and your sweet boys family! A little princess to be cared for by her big knight brothers! You're in our prayers :)

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