Monday, November 21, 2011

Sweet Jack,

I haven't written in several months. In fact, I haven't written to you since we found out that you will quickly become a big brother ~ maybe even before your first birthday!! :-)  I'm not sure what it will be like for you or for me when your younger sibling arrives, but God knows. Since we are confident that it was by His own hands that this one was created, then we can be certain that He will give all of us exactly what we need each day just as we need it.  You will be a great big brother, and I know that the two of you will be super close.  I'll enjoy watching you grow up side by side.

But, let me tell you a little bit about you!  I really thought that because you were born 5 weeks early you might take a little longer to do things, but I was wrong! You began crawling at 7 months which is right around the same time as your brothers ~ some started earlier, but some started later!  And, eating solids has been an easy transition for you.  Daddy even sneaks you bites of "real" food, and you are able to chew it up and swallow it like a champ!  You chatter on and on and giggle and smile!  You mostly say "Daddda," but I have forgiven you for this! :-)  You can sit up fairly well ~ though you still prefer the tripod position with one arm propped for support.  You don't have any teeth yet, but it seems all my boys are late to get teeth! You are a very happy little man and have stolen all of our hearts.  I can honestly say that your brothers adore you!  I think it is their ages. They are old enough to really enjoy you, and they play with you and take care of you all day long.  You are their favorite toy!!  Joshua is so proud.  He and James always want to carry you into church, Excelsior, or the library.  They are proud to be your big brothers.

We love you to pieces little fellow!  It is hard to believe that next week you will be 8 months old!  You are such a joy to us.  Love you, little man!!


Sarah said...

He is such a cutie Erin! And I can't believe how big Joshua is getting!! Happy Thanksgiving to you, sweet friend!! Love you :)

Dionna said...

Passing through. But I enjoyed stopping by your blog today. :)

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