Wednesday, November 09, 2011


I feel it.

I feel it in the cool wind that is blowing leaves to and fro in my backyard.

A needed reprieve from busyness and excessive activity.

And, the holidays, they are knocking gently, kindly on the front door.

I feel it coming.

The peace, the slow pace, the cool, overcast days...

They are now within reach, and that makes my heart so happy!

Our family has been running like crazy for the last few months.  We haven't eaten many dinners together.  I haven't cooked much at all, and I cannot wait to get back at it!  It is time for soup and chili, cocoa and cider!  It is time to enjoy dinner together, time to be home in the evenings ~ all of us, altogether.  It is time for fires in the fireplace and cuddling with books, blankets, and little boys.  It is time to catch up on time together as a family.  Holiday football games to watch, basketball season beginning, little boys too cold to play outside very long, and sweet little rosy cheeks when they do.  Welcome November!  I'm so glad we are finally here.  Park league soccer and football are over, and the holidays are beckoning. :-)

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Sarah said...

Yay for sports ending! We have one more week of co-op, but only a short break before winter basketball starts. Quitting Scouts has saved my sanity this fall, though, and everything feels better with one less thing on the calendar!

Love you and hope you're having a happy fall week :)

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