Thursday, April 09, 2009

Back Home. . .

I'm not sure whether Erik is borrowing Jason's laptop and reading my blog or not. But, just in case he is. . .
Here are a few pictures of what is going on back home, sweet one.
People continue to be so sweet! Take for instance Michael, our next door neighbor, who offered to come over and put our trash out for me! How sweet is that??!!

And, LuAnne, our choir director, brought us this yummy cookie that she made!!!

Do you see JCT's finger about to steal some icing? :-)

Oh, my goodness, I love her. I really, really love her. And, I will never, ever forget, Sunday night as we performed our Easter musical for the second time - Sean was Jesus - Erik was in the ICU in New Orleans visiting his parents - LuAnne did something that nearly stopped my heart - or at least made it drop into my stomach. It was very difficult for me to sing that night. My mind was distracted. My mom sat two rows from the front holding Joshua tightly in her arms, and I couldn't help wondering if that was to be Joshua's only living grandmother. And, my heart was broken about it all. And, Erik wasn't Jesus. And, for eight years he has been Jesus every year. And, it just felt so foreign, so strange, so lonely to be doing it without him. The words to the music were just that, just words. They weren't penetrating, and I just wanted the evening to be over, quickly. Yuck. That is how I felt. Yuck. Anyway, we came to the song, "In His Presence." And, my eyes were fixed on LuAnne trying desperately to focus, to keep up, to remember to sing.
Then, it happened in one quick little moment.
We got to a part of the song where the line is, " In His presence there is hope and there is peace." And, LuAnne looked over at me and sang the words as she directed. But, she didn't just sing
the words to me. She sang them over me, she sang them to my doubts, my fears, to my heart and to my head. And, as she sang the words over me she looked unwaveringly straight into my eyes and through to my soul. It was a moment that I will never forget. I felt God singing those words over me. And, that is not the first time LuAnne has spoken God's love to my soul, and that is why I love her so.
Here she is with my littlest man. . .

And, I love this picture of my mom enjoying a sweet little sleeping man on her chest.

And, then, baby, if you are reading this, these two pictures are of the boys after bath tonight. We all came back downstairs to watch the DVD of the first night's performance.

Cute little cuddly brothers. . .

As far as an update on Erik's parents goes. . . Everything is pretty much the same. Little things have changed but nothing significant yet.


live4Him said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time and have commented a couple times. You are always such an encouragement to me as I walk with Jesus. Thank You!

It has always been such a blessing to get to know your family through this blog. As you write about your love for the Lord, Erik, and your boys, it touches so many lives. I have gotten encouragement from you in the early morning hours, late nights, on vacations, as well as after difficult family hospital visits.
Your love of God and family always shines through.

Please know that you are all being prayed for continually. Erik's parents look so precious in the pictures. They have raised such a godly son. I'm sure they are amazing people. There is a rich christian heritage there.

My family is praying for complete healing,comfort, strength, wisdom, love, and grace during this most difficult time.

In Christ's love,

Debbie in Michigan

Sun said...

Bless your heart. I am praying - praying for each of you. May God hold you SO SO SO close to Him right now. Sunshine

Jill said...

Looks like you are doing a great job holding down the fort. I'm sure that the boys are keeping you occupied but your heart and mind are in N.O.
Praying that this weekend you'll get some wonderful news and that new life/health will spring up in your mother in law's body and mind.
Happy Easter...

Bev said...

Erin, isn't it amazing the little ways God reaches out, in the middle of your day and touches you, through the people around you. We'll keep praying for those God moments for you, and of course for your in-laws, for complete healing.

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