Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt. . .

A few of our good friends put together a little Easter egg hunt for my boys and Afton. It was so incredibly thoughtful of them. I couldn't thank them enough!

Mrs. Jean invited us out to her home just outside of town, and it was beautiful. There was so much room for the kids to run and play, and they had a blast!

LuAnne and her daughters were there. Both of her daughters are dear to me, and the kids had lots of fun playing with them!

They had a special table for the guests of honor. . .

We ate a good meal, and then the kids went egg hunting!

Mrs. Jean and Mr. Johnny have a beautiful and big backyard - perfect for Easter egg hunging!

This tire swing was awesome! Well, to be quite honest, it scared me a little. Lauren pushed him very high! But, Joshua loved it!

The kids loved hanging on the skeleton of the trampoline! Little gymnasts!

Fun, fun, fun!

And, JCT, my sweet darling JCT, as we were leaving Mrs. Jean's home, as we were making our way to the car, he decided that he needed to go. . .

If you know what I mean. . .

And, I was still inside saying my 5,000 thank you's. So, he just took it upon himself to relieve himself. . .

in Mrs. Jeans flower bed!

And, if that wasn't bad enough, he did it in front of LuAnne's daughters who thought it was the funniest thing EVER.

And, you know what that does, that just encourages such behavior. . .

Why, oh, why? Joshua would never ever have done something like that! Never! But, JCT is his only precious little person, and I love him tremendously. . .

How could I not love him?

And, after the Easter egg hunt the boys went to a softball game with our sweet family friend's ~ Mr. Ray, Mrs. Wendy, John Andy and Jake. They had a great day. Poor Lijah had to miss all the fun! He was home sick with Nana. But, thanks to Uncle Sean, he will be well very soon!

We may not have family that live here in our little town with us. And, we may not have Daddy home with us for Easter. But, we have friends. Lots of friends. Lots of very, very good friends.


Sarah said...

I'm so glad you had friends taking care of you today! I thought about you often during the morning and hoped you were being loved on :)

Hug your boys for me--we're still praying here for everybody!! And tell your Mom hi for me :)

picturesofhisgrace said...

Aaron's favorite place is my rose bushes. There's just something about outside, you know. I was just thinking the other day about the differences in your boys. There are those similarities that connect them as brothers, but they definitely have their own look about them and their very own little personalities. So sweet! Glad you all had a great time hunting eggs. Glad you have such wonderful friends there. Love you!

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