Thursday, May 06, 2010

Beware of the Tomatoes. . .

The last two weekends we have been bombarded by bad weather!! And, in preparation, we have turned chairs over, removed things from our back porch, etc. All the while we are making our storm preparations an adorable little red-headed, now three year old, is running around announcing, "The tomatoes are coming!! The tomatoes are coming!!!"

Obviously, he means tornadoes, but we are not correcting him because we think it is too cute!!!! :-) All of my sons have inherited a healthy fear of severe weather from their mama. I am just so thankful that I have a husband who keeps close tabs on the weather. Between him and Deana B, I know that I will always be alerted if severe weather is in our area. Erik watches closely, and he makes the call if and when we need to get in our "safe place."
I'm sorry, but I just love that terminology ~ "your safe place." That is what the meteorologists on our local TV stations say. They say, "If you live in northern such and such county, you have about 5 minutes before a very serious and dangerous tornado will be coming through your area. You need to get in your safe place at this time."
I just love the sound of it. When the kids are acting wild and crazy ~ tearing through the house like a tornado, I wish that I could just look at Erik and say, "Hey, I'll be back. I'm going to my safe place for a little while." I think, for me, my safe place would be a really comfy chair with a soft throw, a good book, and a cup of coffee.
Sorry, I got sidetracked!!! Here are the boys after the cute little weather girl suggested that a certain town near us go to their safe place and cover themselves with blankets and pillows to protect themselves from flying debris ~ an encouraging thought. :-( Anyway, the boys got every pillow on the lower level of our house and played under them.
Some people were having fun during the threatening weather. . .
And, some were taking the weather very seriously. . .Rain is not fond of severe storms with a lot of lightning and loud thunder. But, actually, the severe weather we experienced this past weekend, eerily, did not have a lot of thunder or lightning with it. In fact, most of the time the weather seemed very calm, but you knew that the tomatoes were just a county away, and you could feel the instability in the air. If you grew up in the south, you know what I mean. When it is extremely humid with a strange warm breeze and the sky is a funny grey/green, you know it is not a good thing. The tomatoes are lurking just around the corner!!!! Beware! Keep your weather radio on and stay close to your safe place.
Elijah kept telling us what he was gonna do to the tomatoes if they came to our house. He is our little tough guy, and he had a plan to beat up those tomatoes and throw them out of our town!!!
Well, thank, You, Jesus, we did not have to fight off any bad tomatoes!!! But, we did get 7+ inches of rain. This is a picture of the edge of our property. There is not supposed to be a pond there!!! The amount of rain was amazing ~ like nothing I have ever experienced before!!!

I just pray that those scary tomatoes will leave us alone for a while ~ makes me ready for summer!!!!


HW said...

I suppose you don't have basements in the South, do you?

I am very nervous when storms blow through so I'm thankful to have a basement to go to when our "tomato" sirens blow.

Our poor dog trembles like a leaf when it thunders. She loves to hide under the steps in the garage during a storm but if it gets too bad outside I drag her to the basement where she promptly nudges the shower curtain aside and jumps into the bathtub. If she can't do that, she huddles in the cat litter box. Poor baby.

Spring is lovely, but those storms that come with it are not my favorite thing.

Thinking of you and all my Southern friends as you face the rain and flooding.

Mary said...

hahahahaaha! I love it! tomatoes! What a sweet thing. :)

Gives a whole new meaning to veggie tales to me. hahaha

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