Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Afternoon Thunderstorm...

And, so, I sat coffee in hand.  I had just begun reading chapter 12.  It was the second chapter I had read aloud this afternoon.  The boys were busy playing legos quietly and listening to Mama read.  It was then that I heard it, the distant rumble.

Is there anything more soothing than an early afternoon thunderstorm?

A few seconds later lightning flashed, and the boys smiled and moved away from the window. The rumbles slowly grew closer and closer, and the rain fell harder and harder.  The once still pond became wild with the ripples of dancing raindrops penetrating its surface.  I continued to read and sip, read and sip.

Pure bliss.

Slowly, gently, the storm rolled past.

But, the peace it brought to my home did not.

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