Tuesday, July 17, 2012

JCT's Alone Trip with Dad

Erik takes "alone" trips with the boys.  When he asked James where he wanted to go, he said he wanted to go to Orlando to visit his cousins!  So, this past weekend he and Erik flew to Florida for a fun little trip!

JCT loves sea animals.  He has always been fascinated with sharks and whales.  When he was 3 and most mothers were reading their children Green Eggs and Ham and The Velveteen Rabbit, I was curling up on the couch with my little man reading Close Encounters with Sharks in Their Natural Surroundings.  Yeah.  He has always been his own little person, and I love him for it! :-) All that to say, he wanted to go to Seaworld with his cousins!  He had a blast!

On the way home...

Joshua waited in the rain for his little brother to return home!  I think he may have missed him a tiny bit!

Sweet friends...

Before James left I overheard him boasting to his little brothers about all the wonderful things he would bring home to them.  He did not disappoint.  Nothing brought him more joy than opening his suitcase and presenting his gifts to each of his brothers....

The boys loved their happies!

 A successful trip! :-)

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Tyna said...

I love JCT's haircut! It suits him so perfectly!

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