Saturday, July 07, 2012

Happy 3 Months, Little Em!

The most common question that I am asked is if I can tell a difference in Emery yet ~ a difference that distinguishes her as a female from all my sweet male children.  My usual answer is, "No, not yet!"  But, the last few weeks I have noticed something slightly unusual about her, something she does that the boys did not do.  And, that is...

she talks A LOT!!!  If I put her in her swing, she will babble incessantly to the little giraffe toy on it.  While I change her diaper, she talks and talks and talks to me.  Sometimes I'll be holding her over my shoulder and I will hear her sweet chatter in my ear.  She is a doll, and she has my heart.

This is a short video of Emery and her namesake, her Nana...

IMG 3251 from Erin Dukes on Vimeo.

Pop is quite fond of his little Em, too...

You are such a blessing, little girl!  We cannot wait to watch you grow day by day, year by year.  We love you, sweet one!

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