Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Elijah Shark!!

My guys really like nature shows.  They love the crocodile hunter and the Kratt brothers.  And, lately this love has dominated their pool-time play!  In the picture above James has caught the predator of all predators, the king of the ocean, the meanest and scariest of all the sharks...  He has caught the Elijah Shark!!!  James handles this wild and ruthless animal as if he were a mere kitten.  He is so calm and careful ~ every move calculated with perfection.  He appears to have no fear at all even though his life is very much in danger.  He is so brave!

I love listening to James teach his imaginary audience about the animals.  He is so cute!

And, here is the Elijah Shark enjoying a little snake snack...

Things got a little exciting in this particular episode!  The Elijah Shark, when released, turned on James and swam after him!  Thankfully, James is a good swimmer and the Elijah Shark did not catch him!

Just another day at the office for this crew!  Gotta love it!

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