Monday, July 09, 2012

My Irish Twins :-)

photo by Brandy Jaggers

I have always wanted twins.  Every first sonogram I hope and pray that maybe this time God will bless us with twins!  But, wisely, He has always given us exactly what we need ~ one baby at a time.  

One afternoon when I was nearly full term with Emery, I went shopping.  And, as I was checking out, I was making conversation with the sales lady.  She was asking questions assuming I was a new mom, and I assured her that I had everything I could possibly need for this baby since she was my sixth child!  The sales lady showed her surprise at the number of children I have.  Then, a lady behind me in line asked, "What ages are your children?"  So, I went down the line... "9, 7, 4, 3, and 11 months"  The lady behind me smiled, "Oh, they'll be Irish twins!"  I had never heard this term before, so I looked at her confused.  She explained, "Your youngest two.... If they are less than a year apart, they call that Irish twins."  I smiled at the thought, then went home and googled the term.  She was right!

How fun!  I was tickled to know that I would be having twins ~ even if they weren't really technically twins!  And, now that Emery is here with us, I am even more excited to watch them grow up so close in age.  Elijah and Erik Daniel are 16 months apart, and I thought that was a challenge.  But, I have found that this adjustment ~ even though it is only 4 and half months different ~ requires much more of me!  I love it, but, wow, it keeps me hopping!  And, no matter how hard I try, often someone is crying! I just can't meet both their needs at the same time.  But, Jack loves her.  He leans in toward her when I walk by her swing or her crib.  He likes to put his head by hers and say, "Mmmmmmm..."  It is his way of giving her love, and it makes mama's heart smile BIG!

Jack is so curious....

I like to watch them interact and imagine, wonder, dream about what their relationship will be like when they are older....

Jack is such a happy and fun little guy, and Emery is so precious and sweet.  I think they will make a wonderful combination!!!

IMG 3203 from Erin Dukes on Vimeo.


RENE said...


I have Irish twins who are 11 months apart too - boy/girl. They have days they get along but they fight a lot too. I think you are handling it better than I did but I was 40/41 when I had mine and they are my only children. I found it very hard the first 3 years but I worked part time too so that makes it harder. God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of your sweet belly while holding your sweet baby boy!!!!

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