Thursday, August 02, 2012


I bear a heavy, heavy heart these days.  And, I lie somewhere between the conviction and the action.  How do we act when we have a houseful of children?  Breath by breath, God, guide.  Let us love what you love, be drawn to what you are drawn to.

I listened to Christine Caine the other night.  She talked about her ministry to rescued slaves.  The stories were horrific, but we must listen.  We are the body of Christ.  We have to hear their cries.  If we don't listen, who will?

And, I can't get it off my mind and out of my heart.  That young trafficked girl sitting across the room from Christine. Christine pleads with her about Jesus and His love for her and her love for her.  And, the young girl says, and it breaks my heart to type it....

(This is a paraphrase from memory)

"If what you say is true about Christ, about His love, about your love, then why, why didn't you come sooner?"

How many young girls are there?  How many hurting, broken, used little girls crying and scared hiding in corners of dark rooms?

And, I sit in my big comfortable air conditioned house and sip coffee highlighting my Bible in yellow and drawing cute little pink hearts next to my favorite verses.....


Anonymous said...

I am about to be a mentor to girls rescued from HT (human trafficking) at The Daugter Project in the Toledo OH area. We are third in the US for HT. We will open our doors on Oct. 1 to our first girl , and our Newly built home has 6 beds. We are the only home in Ohio for this purpose. If you have a heavy heart for this area then I would ask that you please pray for our ministry and the girls who we welcome into our home,along with the hundreds of professional volunteers who are taking the time to rehabilitate them! Thanks~ Kristie

Sam said...

I have a heavy heart over this kind of suffering and injustice as well. As a Jewish person, I try to look at the issues through my faith, which might take a bit of a different course than yours. (But I know we look to the same God.) As Jews, we know that there are some things we will never know in this lifetime. We don't know why bad things happen, we don't know why some people are dealt a terrible, terrible hand. But it's okay that we don't know because God knows. God is there for them. And we can take action. We can pray. We can reach out. We can be helpers in so many ways. This is our job while we are here--to help each other.

I believe that when our hearts feel heavy, it is God's way of trying to motivate us to help. It is all we can do, but it is a lot.

Vicky said...

"I lie somewhere between the conviction and the action." Oh how I understand this!!!!! I'm job-hunting right now, and I wrestle with the balance between needing a job that will pay my bills and desiring to do something that makes an eternal difference (and hoping, praying that God will open a door for me to do BOTH). My heart breaks for orphans... I want to do something... but I don't know WHAT.

Thank you for sharing your heart in this post!

LaQuetha said...

I heard Christine Caine last fall and it just wrecked my world. I have a heavy heart for the injustice in this world. The one thing that I started doing was saying hello to every homeless person/beggar I meet in everyday life. I commute to work but I like to listen to them and find out their story. One thing she said that has stuck with me is "the way we live our life not only determines our eternity, but others eternity." Convicting and challenging but full of some much truth and grace
Thanks for sharing your heart

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