Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Going Green or Trying, Anyway. . .

Some days, like today, it feels like all my worries, all my struggles, all my problems could be solved with one simple remedy. . .

A cup of coffee.

Bifferdoodle Decaf with a spot of International Delights French Vanilla Creamer.

But, instead of that deliciously creamy, heavenly concoction, I am sitting here sipping another concoction ~ one with much less of that "comfort drink" kind of feel. . .

Green Tea.

I read up on it, and I decided that I needed to try to like it. And, since I drink water all day, the morning was the best time for me to drink it. And, I really don't need all that sugar from the Vanilla creamer, etc. It all made perfect sense when I thought about it, but living it out has been a different story.

I tried last week, but broke down and made a pot of coffee during nap time almost every day.

Hi, my name is Erin, and I am addicted to Bifferdoodle.

And, there isn't a thing in the world that I can do about it.

I'm not addicted to the caffeine - it's decaf.

I'm not addicted to the way it makes me feel warm on a cold day - the green tea does that.

I'm seriously addicted to the way it soothes me. It gives me that warm, cozy, life is good, hello sunshine, happy new day, I can do this kind of feeling. It is like being wrapped in a warm blanket even while I am busily getting my little ones ready and out the door with their Daddy.

To make things worse, I decided to pull out some old CDs to listen to in place of my beloved Christmas CDs which have officially been put to rest until next Christmas. Anyway, one of my choices was an old Chris Rice CD. I put that little sucker in, and before I knew it, the music began and Chris was singing about "Smellin' Coffee." I literally stood still in the kitchen and smiled because only God could have orchestrated that! He is so funny sometimes!

But, I held my ground, and poured another cup of tea.

Green tea, I'm sorry, but try as I may, I cannot make you feel cozy. You just make me feel like I am sipping hot water with grass. Even the mint flavor doesn't help. But, I am trying. Really, I am trying. I did discover one thing that I like about you. The sound of the water pouring out of my teapot into an empty tea cup is somewhat enchanting. But, it doesn't hold a candle to the sound of coffee pouring into an empty mug. So, I'm giving you until the weekend to win me over. Good luck.

But, Saturday morning belongs to Biff.

Hands down.

And, he will have no competition.


Amy said...

I did find that it took time to get used to tea instead of coffee. I still drink both, but coffee is winning lately. I like my Green Tea with on of those soft peppermints disolved into it and some honey. I'm not good at drinking unsweetened things besides water. I also like the Rasberry green tea and Lipton Vanilla Caramel truffle tea(black tea with caffiene). Maybe this will help win you over to tea!

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Oh, I hear ya. I've tried, but I can't seem to pick tea over coffee either.

Jenny said...

I think I see some decaf bifferdoodle in your future. :) I think it's okay to allow yourself that luxury, especially since you are drinking your water all day!

Sun said...

OK so I finally broke down and ordered some bifferdoodle coffee. I LOVE COFFEE. SERIOUSLY enjoy the taste and comfort - I love to pour a cup and dig into the Word or a book I am reading. It just makes sense to have a steaming cup of coffee while I am reading and searching. Thank you for sharing about this coffee and I will let you know how I like it :). I have to share something funny though...I googled "bifferdoodle" to try and find our more information and your blog popped up in the top two spots :). SO I googled "bifferdoodle coffee" and found the site! Hope you have a wonderful day today, oh and I guess I should say good luck on drinking the tea - it is very good for you - I tried to drink it a few years ago consistently but never won the battle. Have a great day! Sunshine

Tyna said...

I soooo understand....!

ohio12 said...

PLEASE..just let yourself have the coffee. I am a health nut in general, but everyone needs a little vice. I really look forward to my coffee in the morning. I tried to drink it with Stevia for awhile when I was trying to get bikini ready once, but it ruined it. I need, caffine, sugar and cream!

Steph said...

I am totally addicted to decaf coffee, too. LOVE the smell, have to start my day out with it.

winemd said...

I will often put a splash of the International creamers in my green/black tea. But I am not a coffee person. Coffee actually has a lot of antioxidants too, so if youdecide that is the way to go, don't feel bad for one second.

Alison said...

You need to get your hands on some authentic green tea from Japan...seriously! We had a student who stayed with us for awhile and she had brought it with her....amazing, full of flavour and so cozy!!!

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