Monday, February 23, 2009

Subtly Spectacular

The house is quiet and my cup is full ~ both figuratively and literally. JCT is napping peacefully once again on the couch. Dinner has been put together and is in the refrigerator waiting to be placed in the oven when the time is right. Five baskets of folded laundry beckon me to put them away, but two out of the three rooms in which they are to be put away house sleeping babies. Thus, I have chosen to wait until the late afternoon or evening hours for that little chore! For now I am content to sit still and sip deeply of my afternoon cup ~ Bifferdoodle of course!

Life is so calm right now, so calm. I have little to say, except that God is sweet. He is a sweet God. The sun rose orange-red behind the trees and the pond in our backyard this morning. It does this every morning, but I am not always sitting quietly watching it. The sunlight sparkled and shined on the surface of the pond's water. It was a subtle kind of spectacular, and I felt privileged to enjoy it. Isn't that the truth of all things around us? They are subtle, but if you stop what you are doing and tune into God's heart, you see the spectacular in them. This morning Elijah said, "I lika this movie, Mommy," as we drove to the grocery, and his face and his voice were quite possibly the cutest I have ever seen! Then, after the grocery we drove through the car wash, and he was ever more adorable as his little lip trembled when the streams of water roared over us. I held his sweet little hand and assured him that all would be okay. All the while, I couldn't help laughing because he was so cute afraid! What a sweet God I serve! Who lets me take care of these adorable little ones every single day and night! Spectacular!

And, speaking of spectacular. . .

These babies are back. . .

And, you know what that means!!

Spring is just around the corner!!

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