Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This Afternoon

Life is oddly calm this week. As I type my sweet JCT is napping on the sofa behind me and Erik Daniel and Elijah are napping in their cribs. It is a sunny, quiet day around here. I am sipping a mid afternoon cup of coffee since I had to forgo my morning cups in order to do our weekly grocery shopping trip.
Life is so daily, so busy, so full, so wonderfully full. But, some days it is so nice when everything and everyone stops for a moment. It is quiet. At present I hear my peaceful CD, the hum of the baby monitors, and the soft clicking of my fingers on the keyboard. It is almost time to fill juice cups and prep the diaper bag to go get my sweet Joshua. I'll have to wake my three sleeping angels and gently strap them in their car seats. We'll drive across town and wait for that sweet smiling face to come running to the van with his backpack and lunchbox in hand. And, when he gets into the van, he will smile at me and ask, "Are we going straight home?"~ he always asks this. And, I will say, "Yes." And, he will strap himself in, and we will drive back across town. We will pull into the garage, and one by one, they will file into the house ~ Joshua, then JCT, then Elijah who still needs help with the big brick step up into our home, and lastly Erik Daniel and I will make our way inside. Then, once again my house will be full of noise and laughter, snacks and stories.
But, for now the house is quiet. And, I can feel myself relaxing, gearing up for a busy afternoon and a full evening of activities at church.
I have never appreciated a minute or two to myself as much as I have during this stage in my life. And, one day, I will have lots of down-time again, lots of minutes here and there to sit still in a quiet house. But, those quiet moments won't be nearly as sweet as they are now because I appreciate them so much more now then I ever have before or ever will again. . .

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Mississippi Girl said...

I have read your blog forever, but don't know if I have ever commented before!! I LOVE reading your thoughts and musings... You are at the same "place" in parenting that I am! I have 3 little ones (ages 5, 3, and 3mos)and I can relate to so many of your posts!
I saw you once at the Kohl's in Tupelo with your husband and kids (My sis in law lives in Tupelo and we were visiting!!) but didn't want to approach you because I didn't want you to think I was a weirdo! Your writing is beautiful and inspirational... and such a blessing! Thank you......

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