Monday, March 22, 2010

Seemingly Unreachable

He really believes that he can make it.

Every time he aims and shoots, he believes it is going to be nothing but net.

Even though the ball barely makes it 6 inches over his head.

Still he believes.
And, I admire him for it.
It is my nature to believe that difficult things are impossible. . .
Watching him try again and again inspires me deep within.

And, you know what I am pretty certain of?

One day the ball will go in.

We have a shorter goal. . .

one made for boys his age. . .
just a few feet away. . .

But, he has set his gaze higher.

He isn't interested in just making a basket.

He wants to make that basket, the tall one, the seemingly unreachable one.

That is what he wants.

And, he isn't going to give up anytime soon.

And, neither is his mama.

Only her goal doesn't have a basket on it.

Her goal is to glorify God with each day, each word, each moment, each breath.
But, over and over again she falls short, misses the mark, and just plain makes a mess of things.

But, she is not going to give up.

No, she is not going to give up because her God is a sweet Father Who has great love and great patience.

Even in her imperfection, He loves her deeply.

So, sweet son, let's aim, stare intently, and believe.

Because as we live, as we grow, we will edge ever closer, each day closer, to that which holds our focus so intently.
Let it be so, sweet Lord!


Linda said...

You just scored 2 points with that blog.... and it was "nothing but net" and HIM. Thanks for those words that encouraged my heart today.... every minute every second for HIM.
love you,

Embracing my cup said...

My wife is incredible, isn't she, a word smith, a great mommy, and an excellent wife. Thanks magic for those words. I pray we will be able to help all four of them aim and shoot for the stars, and walk with the father as their momma does breath by breath until he makes them perfect. Great post. Love you

Malisa @ My Lil' Corner of the World said...

This is inspiring. I love this image. Thank you Erin. This is amazing and so very encouraging.

Mal said...

You are an inspiration to me - keep on believing. I stumbled on your blog through another one years ago. I read your thoughts and posts while I prayed that my husband and I would be able to leave the crazy material corporate world we found ourselves in and one day start a family of our own. We now have a beautiful daughter whom I stay home with. We changed our lives 180 degrees and I still turn to you for peace and inspiration. Thank you thank you thank you. Your family is loved from across mountain ranges!!

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