Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Snow Much Fun without Snow!!

We actually had some snow flurries this morning. Kind of made me sad that winter is on its way out!! But, all it will take is another 60 degree day to make me excited for spring to come!!!

We have a wonderful Children's Minister at our church. Once a month she does a very creative evening for the kids ~ Parents Night Out! Last month the theme for the PNO was "snow." And, part of the evening she let the kids have a snowball fight with wads of newspaper taped up to be used as snowballs. The boys loved it! And, the way she cleaned up at 9 o' clock, when the parents came in, was to give each of the kids a Wal-Mart bag and let them pick up as many "snowballs" as they could to take home with them!

Well, yesterday afternoon the boys asked for the "snowballs" which had been sitting in the garage taking up space for over a month now. I almost threw them away several times, but I am so glad that I didn't! They had so much fun having a snowball fight yesterday!!! I think the fight lasted a good 30 minutes, and it would have lasted longer if Joshua hadn't had homework to do!!

I thought I'd bring it up for moms who live in areas where it doesn't snow! I thought it might be a fun activity one day next winter for a warm climate family to have a snowball fight!!! The snowballs are easy to make, and the kids could totally make them themselves! Here are a few. . .

And, in case you are worried, they do not hurt no matter how hard you throw them! I got pelted pretty hard, and it really didn't hurt ~ feels a lot better than real snowballs ~ that's for sure!!! The boys really got into it!!!

Even baby boy had fun throwing "snowballs"!!! Just thought I'd throw the idea out there!!!
Have fun!!!

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