Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Little Shooter is Scheduled for Surgery!

Erik Daniel, like most all little boys, loves balls! This coupled with the fact that he lives in a home where the balls start flying each morning around 7:00 a.m. means that this little man has grown to love throwing balls ~ especially at baskets! There is nothing he would rather do than stand in front of one of our silly little nerf hoops and shoot. So much so that we took a little portable basketball goal (about 4 inches wide) with us to the surgeons office this morning. Dr. O. even held the goal and let him shoot a few times for him! It was a great way to keep him busy while we waited at the surgeon's office and at the hospital for all the pre-admission hoop jumping!

So, yes, little Eriky d is having surgery tomorrow morning! He is having his right inguinal hernia repaired just as his big brother Joshua did (when he was 9 mos. old) and his mama did (when I was 6 years old). So, if you read this and you'd like to say a prayer for an uneventful surgery, I would appreciate it so much!!! It should be quick and easy. When Joshua had this surgery, we were home by lunch. So, we will see!

Hopefully he will be back to shooting baskets by tomorrow evening!!! Here is a little video clip of him in action. . .


Linda said...

Yea! Eriky!! Good shot!! Say, are those IU warmups ??? Maybe the Hoosiers did make the Dance. At least Eriky's Dance!!!!

Sarah said...

I hope all goes super smoothly, and that he's recovered and back to boy business soon!

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