Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day to You!

Yesterday afternoon I was watching the big boys shoot baskets, and I asked Joshua if he knew what day tomorrow (today) is?? He quickly answered "Celtic's Day!" So, to all you NBA fans, Happy Celtics Day from our family to yours!!!

The boys were excited about this holiday! And, they even dragged poor Rain into their excitement!! Oh, to be the old dog of a family overflowing with little boys! Rain has been through and seen it all!!! At Christmas he is their Reindeer complete with antler headband. When they play cowboys, he gets 50 or so lasso attempts made at his neck. They try to force him into their forts and then once he is comfortable back out again. The babies pull his ears. The big boys like to dress him up. Dear, dear Rain! But, today they were simply looking out for you!! They didn't want to see you get pinched. . .

Yesterday, the boys and I made these t-shirts. . .

using this. . .

. . . so that they would have something festive to wear today!!! I absolutely love holidays!! I had planned to make a completely green dinner. . . But, I realized midway through the day that Erik wouldn't be home for dinner, so I decided to take the easy route and get take-out!! However, we did drink green kool-aid and eat a big green cupcake cake for dessert!! Fun, fun!! Thanks to Mom for the cupcake cake tin!!!

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