Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Sweet Surgery Day. . .

What a cutie he is, and he did so well! Thanks to all out there who said a prayer for the little guy.

Sweet Deana B. came with me to keep me company during the procedure. Bright and early, except it wasn't bright ~ it was quite dark, actually), we headed to the good old hospital and checked Mr. Man in for surgery!

Here we are hanging out in his short stay room. . .Then, they asked us to put him in a gown ~ a UNC blue gown, Deana noted. . .I look a little apprehensive in this next picture, but I don't think I was ~ not too much, anyway??? I love our surgeon, and we did this not too terribly long ago with Joshua. But, I think anytime your baby has to go under anesthesia you do tend to get wee bit nervous. . .I got a little concerned that he might cry when they took him away from me. But, they already had that one figured out! Take him on a wagon ride ~ that will make him forget about Mama!!! They wrapped him in warm blankets and pulled him away without a tear! Huge sigh of relief!!The surgery took less than a half hour and recovery took about an hour?? Deana B. kept my mind occupied with lots of fun conversation!!! Dr. O. came by after he finished and said that it was about as big a hernia as a boy his size could have!!! Poor guy!!

When they brought the little man back, he was in and out of peaceful sleep and so precious!!!
So, so, so, so, so precious. . . .

Here he is with my favorite nurse of the day!! She was a sweetheart!

A little side note: It never really occurred to me that the hospital staff would not know that I was Erik Daniel's Mama. I mean, I was the one holding him. But, it became a recurring theme that the staff would either look back and forth at Deana and I as they talked, or they would look at Deana!! Why, you ask?? Because his hair matches hers a little better than mine!! Finally, one of them looked at Deana and asked, "Is he yours?" I quickly answered, "No, he is mine!" And, Deana very sweetly answered, "But, I'd take him!!!" So, funny!!! :-)
It didn't take long for his sweet smile to resurface. . .

And, by about 10:30 Deana B and I were on our way to Starbucks ~ a cup of peace (Chai latte) for me and a cup of happy (hot chocolate) for her!!
Here's the little man sipping juice and watching Baby Einstein as we drove home!

Deana was such a good friend to me today ~ as she always is! She brought muffins when she came at 5 this morning for the boys to eat for breakfast, and she brought a yummy dinner tonight so that I didn't have to think about cooking this evening. I could just hold my sweet baby! She, also, drove my van home just in case I needed to help Erik Daniel in any way during our 30 min drive home! Sweet girl!! Here she is. . The picture is dark, but I love her expression! Can you tell that she didn't want me to take her picture???

Eriky D. slept from noon until I finally woke him up by staring him down around 4:30. And, I am proud to report that by 5 o'clock he was once again shooting baskets!! It was a good day, but, man, am I tired! And, I am so glad that it is over!!!


Manda said...

I haven't checked your blog in a while and didn't know about the surgery. I'm so glad that it went well and that you had a sweet friend to help you through the day!

Deidre said...

So glad everything came out fine - as I knew it would. What a sweet, sweet friend you have!

Tyna said...

How blessed you are. Have a great day resting in God's faithfulness!

Ali said...

He looks so much like his daddy!! You made it momma!

Kelly said...

Glad everything went well. What a blessing to have such a precious friend!

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