Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day Off. . .

We took today off :-) ~ our first day off since we began school in August ~ except for weekends, of course!

I wasn't planning to take today off. It wasn't in the plan. I made lesson plans for Monday and Tuesday of this week. But, yesterday the boys hit me up for it. "The public schools are out all week! Can we be out, too, please???" So, I told them I'd consider it and let them know in the morning. Last night I sat in bed staring at my lesson plan debating how important each item on my list was. And, then, I decided that, yes, we would, in fact, take the whole week off!!!! When they asked me at breakfast this morning what I had decided, I told them my decision and watched as Joshua gave JCT a thumbs up and JCT gave one back to his big brother. Then, they ate happily, making plans for their day!

And, oh, my, am I enjoying myself!! We took it easy this morning. The boys didn't dress until nearly 10:00 which is unheard of in this early rising home of ours. I sipped my coffee and watched them play. I did four loads of laundry and am now sitting peacefully at my computer.

The boys are outside playing ~ all except Erik Daniel who is still napping. I can see my little men out the window playing and jumping on the trampoline with the woods of fall as a backdrop. And, my heart is so full. I love the simplicity of having young children. They are not coming and going, in and out, busy, busy. We are home most of the time, together. And, we love it here. Home is a good place. Home is a big yard with lots of room for little boys to run. Home is a safe place to learn and grow. Home is warm cookies ~ fresh from the oven. Home is brothers, built in playmates, to play with all day and to giggle in bed with at night. Home is a mom who loves her little men so much her heart overflows on a regular basis. Home is a strong, wise Daddy who knows how to laugh and play with the best of them. Home is a place where we are encouraged, challenged, loved, held close, and whispered loving words regularly.

It has been a peaceful, rich day. The only "school" we did today was curl up on the couch and read!!! I am so glad they talked me into taking these days off. I may have to take my sweet friend's advice and schedule one or two of these into every month!!! They are good for my soul!!

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