Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Quickly. . .

It is a quiet, rainy afternoon here at the old homestead. I'm worn out, and it is not even 3:00 yet!!! We have been so busy today! The little boys are napping and the big boys are outside playing in the rain. So, here I sit. . .

My husband surprised me this past weekend with a little getaway, and we had a wonderful time. We had such a good time just being together. We went to Birmingham, and I had no idea how pretty Birmingham is! We always drove through the city to the airport or to Atlanta. I had never seen the mountains and trees and beauty of it all! And, the Summit was a wonderful place to shop and eat Cheesecake Factory! All day Saturday I kept looking over at Erik and saying, "I'm having such a good time!!" We shopped all day, and then around 7:00 we got hungry for dinner. We decided that since we had such a pretty room (Rossbridge Resorts) that we would just get burritos at Moe's and go back to our room to eat. So, we sat in our hotel room and watched the Oregon/USC game and ate! It was great fun and so us!!!

Oh, and the highlight of the day was when Erik bought both of us iphones!!! :-) His in a little blue Otter case and mine in a little pink Otter case! Happy were we! Nana told JCT, "Your mom got an iphone!" And, he said excitedly, "Who'd she get it for???" He has been asking for an iphone for over a month now, so he was hoping it was for him. Then Sunday morning he started crying and saying he missed me. Nana said, "She'll be home after lunch." And, he perked up and asked, "Is she bringing her iphone??" And, as you can well imagine when he saw me, the very first words out of his mouth were, "Where's your iphone?? Let me see it!!!!!" He is my little techno man! He is still teaching me how to use my iphone since he knows more about it than I do. Crazy!

Now, I am off to make chili for dinner! It is the perfect night for chili, and, thankfully, we have no evening activities planned for this evening ~ except being together! Yay! These are my favorite nights!

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