Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful Monday

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of fun and energy and peace all wrapped up into one big happy package!!! We celebrated with Erik's brother, Jason, Jen, and their sweet family ~ 10 children total (This number includes the wee one in my belly who made no noise but did kick a bit to let me know that he/she, too, wanted to be part of the fun!) As always, I regret that I didn't take pictures, but there is always so much going on that playing photographer seems to fall to the waste side!

The kids had a blast with their cousins. God has been so sweet to our families. We feel so blessed. Jen and I met and quickly united ourselves in college prior to falling in love with our precious brother husbands. So, the whole idea that we are raising cousins floors us from time to time! Our children are stairsteps ~ all very close in age. Last week before we left to visit them, James Christofer announced, "Joshua's friend is Caleb. My friend is Katey. Elijah's friend is Abby. Erik Daniel's friend is Ella. And, our new baby's friend will be Noah (my new one month old, cute, little nephew.) When JCT said this, my heart nearly burst!! Such a blessing!!

So, today, I am extra thankful for so many things!!!

* I am thankful for rich conversations while sipping coffee and listening to the coos and squeaks of a newborn.

* I am thankful for the frost that welcomed us home the morning after we returned from Florida. And, as Erik said when he looked out the window and saw the frost and the bare trees which lost their leaves in our absence, "Winter came while we were away!" I am thankful for changing seasons ~ especially since the end of fall means Christmas is coming!!!!!

* I am thankful that God is ever patient with me ~ refining me and growing me in ways that I never anticipated.

* I am thankful to feel refreshed and ready to go again at least for another 3 weeks, then it is break time again!!! Hurray!! :-)

* I am thankful for the way Christmas decor makes a home feel so warm and cozy. . .

* I am thankful for a God Who is just plain BIG. Who cannot be placed in a box or understood by anyone no matter how learned he is.

* I am thankful that Rain is back home and healthy. He had surgery while we were away for Thanksgiving. Elijah took one look at his boo boo's and melted into a puddle of tears. He prayed tonight that Rain would "get his body back." He loves that dog so much!! Here is a picture of his biggest boo boo. . .

Bless his heart!!! We are babying him around here! I think he is glad to be back home in his room and on his big, soft bed!!!

The vet said he was surprised at how quickly Rain bounced back after surgery! He may be 12.5 years old, but he still acts like a puppy!!! We are so thankful for our Rain dog!!!!


Linda said...

Oh, my goodness!!! I almost "melted in a puddle of tears" when I saw His biggest boo boo.... or maybe it was reading that Elijah "melted in a puddle of tears" that got me. Either way I am also praying that he "gets his body back". I love you all!!!

Tyna said...

I must have missed something - why did Rain have surgery?

And yes, doesn't Christmas decor make a house warm and cozy?!

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