Monday, October 25, 2010


It's my birthday!

#1 Okay, now on to a few matters of business. Bloglines is going out of business, and I have been in complete denial for two months. Now I have less than a week to move my list to another blogkeeper, and I am so very sad about all of this. Words do not do it justice. I simply love Bloglines, and I am so unhappy about their decision to close down shop. A friend told me about Google reader, but even she misses Bloglines. What will I do? I'm not blogsavvy enough to know how to put them in my sidebar. Therefore, I am stuck. :-(

#2 Vicky asked about making soap. I hate answering this question. Several moms oohhhed and ahhhed over my soap last Friday, and I had to be completely honest with them. What we did was too easy. We went to hobby lobby, bought glycerin, melted it, added various fragrances, added dyes, poured them into molds, added herbs, let the molds harden for one hour, and then popped them out of the molds. Easy, breezy!!

#3 I am updating to add this because it is soooo important!!!! My sweet friend Nichole introduced me to what might just be my absolute new favorite thing!!!! Probably all of my computer savvy friends already know about this site, but I didn't, and it is changing my world!! Okay, slight exaggeration, but, seriously, I love it!! Nichole has four boys similar ages to mine, and I noticed that she was playing music similar to the kind of music I play constantly at my home ~ calm, melancholy music. So, I said, "I love your music, what is the name of the group??" She said, "I don't know. It is Pandora radio. Let's go look." So, she walked over to her computer and looked at the screen and told me the name of the artist playing. She was blown away that I didn't know about Pandora, and, thankfully, she was more than excited to enlighten me. It seems, unbeknownst to me that you can create your own radio station on Pandora's website, completely free. It only plays music that you like ~ how awesome! So, you go to their site, name an artist that you really like, and they find other artists who play similar music and create a radio station just for you with your favorite artist and artist similar to him/her. So, I put in Alli Rogers, and my, oh, my, oh, my, if I have not discovered 50 new artists/songs that I love!!! I am constantly saying, "Joshua, hold your math question. I'll get back to you in one second! I've got to see who is singing this amazing song!!!!!" I'm loving my radio station!

Erik created one, but I do not listen to his station because he put in Toby Mac as his artist. And, I can only handle so much loudness and energy in my house during the day!! Though I do love Toby when I'm cleaning or organizing or doing something that I need a little extra pep in my step!!! But, for everyday life, I like Fernando Ortega, Alli Rogers, and all my new favorites ~ thanks to Pandora!! The only catch is that every so often you have to listen to a 15 second commercial. But, I'll be honest I rarely notice them. I highly recommend this!!!!

I think that is it!! I really hope to begin posting my weekly menu and thankful list on Mondays. But, not this Monday, maybe I'll get my act together and start next Monday. I've got a few real life lists I must make and a few real life tangles to untangle before the nappers come to, so I gotta run!!!


Stephanie and Ted said...

Happy Birthday!

I have been reading your blog for awhile, but I don't think I've ever left a comment. I love how you can be honest about your struggles as a mom and daughter of the King, yet your love of life and family always shines through. Hope your special day is a blessed one! :)

oh, and p.s. I was a devoted Bloglines user. I switched to Google reader about six months ago, after Bloglines started acting wonky on my computer. At first I didn't like Reader, but now I like it better. It was pretty easy to learn, too, so don't worry, you can do it!

Sarah said...

I love you dear friend! I've thought about you all day today, knowing it's your birthday, and hoping it's a good one! A GREAT one, since I know what age it is--I'm sort of dreading my own in Feb!! It's a milestone, no? So I hope today is wonderful, and that you know that you are so dearly loved, and that you don't even feel like throwing up once today!! AMEN!

And I switched to Google and like it, so if you need help, call me.

Also--I am in complete awe of all the fun things you're doing this year in h/s. You are totally putting me to shame! I can't let my kids read your blog, or they'll know there are moms who paint outside with their kids, and our random-coloring-with-markers-at-the-table will look lame!! Seriously, I hope you're hanging in there, and I'm sending you tons of birthday love today!

p.s. Just discovered Pandora this weekend and thought of you!! Do you listen to Andrew Peterson yet? If not, RUN to iTunes and buy "Counting Stars," you will LOVE it!!!

Mary said...

Happy birthday sweet friend!

I love google reader. It's not hard to navigate at all.

If you want to add them to your side bar, I'd be happy to help you. I do re-designs on blogs all the time, so it's a simple thing to do. No charge. :)

And Pandora ROCKS! Glad you discovered it. You'll be hooked.

Vicky said...

Happy birthday!

Thanks for answering my question. I'm a big fan of "easy", so I completely support you in that. "Too easy" means I'm far more likely to give it a try. (I'm thinking about doing it for Christmas presents this year)

I also love Pandora. I have a few different stations depending on what I'm in the mood for.

I use Google Reader. I'm a big fan, except for some reason your blog doesn't show up there (so I have it bookmarked and check every few days).

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday, Erin! I hope you had a wonderful day!

I use Google Reader and I love it. :)

And Pandora... SO WONDERFUL! I haven't heard of Alli Rogers before so I'll have to check her out. I like Fernando Ortega also. Did you know that if you have Facebook, you can see all of your Facebook friends "radio stations" on Pandora? So fun to see what your friends are liking and listening to. Plus, I've gotten some new music loves by doing that.

Love your blog!

Ami said...

Happy belated birthday! I have to tell you that I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader over the summer, and I've never been happier. Google Reader updates more often than Bloglines, and I haven't seen it offline once, whereas I saw Blogline offline A LOT. Also, yes Pandora is awesome, and I'm so pleased to know that you also love Fernando Ortega. I can listen to him 24/7! If he's ever in concert in your area, you MUST go!

Roan said...

Happy Late Birthday! I hope you had a super day!

I will be happy to try to help you with your blog troubles....but I don't know what bloglines or google reader even are!
I have your blog listed on my sidebar, but it doesn't tell me when you update. All of the others do.....

I enjoy catching up with you every time I visit.

ME :) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love your blog. Am SO excited for you and your sweet family on this homeschool journey - SO neat. Sunshine

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

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