Monday, February 21, 2011

Lije, Rejoicing, and Monday's Gratitude (a.k.a. really random post)

Lije, my Lije, has kept a sweet smile on my face all day today.  Three is just the cutest of ages!!  At 3 children are old enough to really verbalize their thoughts well, and yet they are still figuring things out.  Thus, they get things a little mixed up which is so cute!

This morning sweet Lije told Erik and I that Batman "two-feeted da bad guy!" (defeated).  He was so animated and cute when he was telling us!! Fun, fun!  Then, a few hours later, I was doing school with the big boys, and I asked Elijah if he would rather play a game on the computer or the ipad?  He said very seriously as he stared out the bay window in front of our kitchen table, "Neither.  I'd rather just sit here on the bench and watch the wind blow. . ."  I agreed, and a few minutes later I passed by the kitchen table again and this is what I saw. . .

Sweet little man sitting on the bench with his mouth up against the screen of the open window, saying in a quiet voice, "God, God, can you hear me?  Are you there, God?"

I love this age!  Then, tonight he announced to me that, "When Joshua and James are at bastikball practice, I'm da big brudder!!!"  He was so proud!  He is going to love having the new baby!!  I can't wait to introduce the baby to my Lije!

I love the fact that I have gotten to rejoice with those who rejoice this weekend!!  One friend got engaged!! :-)  We all know how happy that is!!!

And, our neighbors and dear friends, the husband is coach of our local high school basketball team, led the team to win the north half of our state 3A championship, and now it is off to state!!  This is so fun especially in our small town that LOVES sports!!!  With each game they'd win, I'd text my friend and ask how many hours of sleep they got.  As they continued to win game after game, the sweet couple slept fewer and fewer hours each night!!  When they won the north half, I text her and asked if she'd like Erik to call them in some ambien!!  I think I've read her response a thousand times and pondered it even more times than that!!

She said, "Prob need something!!!!!  We both said when we sleep it makes the moment disappear so we would rather stay awake."  

Life so good you don't want to sleep for missing it!!!  How awesome!  I just loved it!  In 5 months she only missed 3 games, and she takes her 3 children (the oldest is 4!) with her to the games.  Not to mention the fact that she is 28 weeks pregnant with #4!!!! So supportive!

I am so thankful for. . .

* Open windows and fresh air flowing freely through my home.

*  Birthday cake and ice cream and Deana B who sent me home from her son's awesome birthday party with leftovers!!!!  Yum!!  But, even more than that I am thankful that God has given us the privilege of sharing life with Sean and Deana B.  I still pass Deana B on the road sometimes driving through town, and say to myself, "Oh. My. Goodness. She lives here!"  And, occasionally I see our husbands names together on the sign in front of their office and think, "Oh. My. Goodness. Erik always dreamed of this, and it is actually happening!"  I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I am so thankful for today, and for the moments that our families have shared over the past 4 years!

*  The little one who kicks crazily within me!

*  A weekend visit from Pop!  The way Erik Daniel ran around the yard like a wild man when his truck pulled in the driveway!

*  My sweet friend, Sara, who turned 35 on Sunday!!!!  We've been friends for 22 years now if I've counted correctly!  Whoa!!!  And, my sweet friend, Sarah, who turned 35 last Friday!

* Moments, sweet moments, and life so good you don't want to sleep for missing it. . .

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Sara said...

Needed to read this today. Thanks.

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