Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Slowing Down. . .

I move quickly. I always have. I don't do many things slowly. And, for years this has served me quite well. If the teacher said, "Read the first two chapters." I'd go home and quickly skim the first four. If I had a job interview at 4:30, I arrived at 4:15. As a nurse my 8:00 meds were always given out by 7:45. I moved from patient room to patient room at the speed of light. Like good old Elisabeth Elliot says, "Just do the next thing. . ." Well, I don't just do the next thing. . . No, I do the next thing, and I do it fast!! Rush, rush, hurry, hurry!!! It's always been a way of life for me.

But, I am learning ~ wisdom comes with age, they say ~ that being fast and super-efficient isn't always a good thing. I don't like the person I become when I am hurried and frazzled. I don't like her, no, not one little bit. And, my kids aren't too fond of her either. I am learning that slowing down is so much better. So, lately I've been waking up and taking a deep breath and trying to trust God with what He allows us to accomplish each day. Instead of attacking the day with the fervor of a Drill Sargent on speed ~ a Drill Sargent armed with a clipboard checklist and pencil. :-) And, things run a lot smoother around here this way! In fact, on the days when I actually practice what I preach, life is amazingly peaceful, productive, and rewarding in every way!

Yesterday was one of those days ~ an absolute treat ~ rainy and calm. There we were, the houseful of us, with no place to go and lots of things to do ~ quiet, things. My favorite!!!

There we sat, fire in the fireplace, rain pouring down outside, all covered by the same soft blanket, bodies all intertwined, a head on my shoulder, another resting on my arm, a leg kicked over one of mind, two knees tucked under my other leg, and little minds racing with ideas, questions spilling over from young lips, sweet voices begging for another chapter, and Mama just as interested and excited as little men. These are the memories that I will treasure and I am confident the boys will, as well! These are the days! God is so sweet to give this silly mama such sweet moments as these that I will not soon forget.

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ohio12 said...

I am reading Ann Voskamp's new book and she speaks very well to this. Good reminder.

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