Sunday, February 27, 2011

Road Trip. . .

Last Friday we loaded up and headed out to watch our local high school basketball team play a game in our state's capital.  This game is the game that would determine whether or not they could play for the state 3 A title.  So, we packed up the boys and drove 4 hours south to our state's captial city.  The game was at 10:30 in the morning, so we headed out around 6:00!! 

Erik Daniel clutching his two favorite things ~ his ball and his silkie!  He sleeps with both of them every night and holds them most all the live long day!!

This trip was very fun for so many reasons.  Our community hugely supports their team!  So, not only was school shut down for all grades and all schools, but literally hundreds of people came!!  The team we played is located not too far from the state capital, and even though our community is four hours away, we had 3. . . 4. . . possibly 5 times as many fans present!!!!  Our side of the gym was full!!  I told Shawna, the coach's wife, "It is like a home game!  Everybody is here!!"  I was overwhelmed at the support.  We passed car after car of friends from our town on their way to cheer for their Devils as we drove Friday morning!!  Erik would say, "Look, Erin, there's the So and So family!"  And, we'd look over and wave to them as we passed them on the road. It was so fun!

I am such a crybaby.  But, I couldn't hold back the tears as the announcer named the starting five!!!  I was so happy for them, and the amazing support from everyone moved me, too!!!

The crowd cheered wildly!  At one point when one of my favorite players scored a beautiful 3, I screamed as loud as I could right in my baby's ear!  Erik Daniel let me know that he! did! not! like! that!!!!

KP shooting free-throws. . .

My guys watching the game. . .

We clinched the victory in the fourth quarter.  So, we walked down onto the floor during the last minute to be close when the boys exited the court!  Poor Joshua was a major trooper.  He was hurting, but he wouldn't have missed the game for anything!!  He is a big fan!

The final minutes. . .

The crowd was on their feet!!  I loved watching Shawna cheer like crazy for her husband's team. She sat on the front row along with her mother and mother in law and her three small children.  Many times I looked down to see her cheering with her baby Clarke (her one year old) glued to her hip!  He was hanging on for dear life!!  Mama was into the game!!  :-) So cute!

I kept trying to get a good picture of the crowd, but my iphone camera just couldn't get it all.  This was the first level of fans. . .

The students sat in their own section which was so wild and crazy and fun!!!  Made me miss the good old days!!  They were so loud!!

As soon as the game was over, the Superintendent called off school for the day of the Championship game, so they should have a nice crowd once again!!

After the game we headed to Erik's Aunt Barbara's house for some delicious homemade fried chicken, butter beans, mac'n cheese, string beans, cornbread, and sweet tea!!!

The boys, even the biggest boy, napped well after all that!!!!!

Happy day!!! :-)

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