Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday's Gratitude

Today it is winter for sure. . .

Sometimes in the south one can be fooled into believing spring is around the corner by a splash of warm winter weather here and there. Yesterday we had such a splash with temps in the low 50's, and the boys played outside wildly! But, today winter is back ~ the wind is bitter, the clouds are grey, and the forecast suggested the possibility, albeit slim, of flurries. Two of my boys are fighting low grade fevers, and this slows them down a good bit, and so our day has been quiet, slow, and relatively calm.

I am thankful for. . .

* A warm house on a cold afternoon.

* Boys wrapped in blankets cuddled on the couch.

* The ripples of the wind moving the surface of the water on the pond out back.

* God everywhere! God in the sad, gentle eyes of my sweet, sick sons, God in the trees blowing, in the birds outside my window, in the peace filling my heart ~ peace only He gives, God in the music that fills my home, God in the laughter of my little boys, in the the tea kettle boiling on the stove, God in the schoolroom, God in history, in science, in His word, God in my heart, my bones, my every fiber, filling me, giving me strength, passion, perseverance, confidence, all that I need for this moment, this breath. God filling my husband, filling his patient rooms, his office, God filling our home~ room after room, each corner, each crack, each crevice.

* Another week beginning, another year beginning for my two oldest sons!

* The steam that surrounds the hot water as I pour from my kettle.

* The sweet one holding blanket and sucking thumb sitting on my lap!

* Taking Rain out on a cold, dreary day and staring into the windows of my home from the road ~ school room and kitchen alight with a radiant, soft, inviting glow on a bitterly cold day. The warmth that filled my soul as I looked on watching little bodies scurry to and fro in front of the windows. Thankful.

* The gift of the simple, the everyday, the ordinary!!

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