Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love, Sweet, Love!

We love because. . .

He first loved us. . .  1 John 4:19

My heart is full ~ as are my hands!!  But, ironically, it seems the more full my hands get ~ the more full my heart gets, as well!!  :-)

And, as I reflected yesterday on the love God has given me, I was keenly aware that it is, in fact, all from His hands, His heart. It is nothing of my own doing, nothing I could conjure up on my own.  Love is a gift, and I am so thankful to know the Gift-Giver.  I am so thankful the Gift-Giver makes Himself known and draws us unto Himself ~ wanting no one to perish, and never driving away those who come to Him.  As I explained to JCT this morning when he asked me the definition of the word stoop, the Bible says God stooped to look down upon us.  He stooped down to look us in the eye and tell us He loves us.  He stooped down to pick us up from the mire and to rejoice over us with singing.  And He loves us and fills us to overflowing with His amazing love ~ engraving us on the palm of His hands.  He knows you.  He knows me.  He formed us in our mother's womb, and He loves us ~ as He fully expressed on the cross.  And, that is True Love!  And, because of that love, we are able to love freely, fully, with all our hearts.

Yesterday was a sweet, albeit busy, day.  I love holidays ~ a reason to celebrate.  And, love is a wonderful thing to celebrate!  We had heart shaped toast with strawberry cream cheese for breakfast, pb&j's cut into the shape of hearts for lunch, spaghetti made with love for dinner, and heart shaped brownies for dessert.  Lots of love all around!

The boys made valentines for each other, and then they had fun delivering them to their brothers' mailboxes.

And, in the afternoon a homeschooling mom friend of mine who has five boys suggested we get our boys together for a Valentine party!  The boys had a really good time together making Valentines.  But, truth be told, they had more fun devouring their Valentine cupcakes and lemonade and playing football, basketball, romping through the woods, and jumping on the trampoline!!

It was a good day!  Love was celebrated ~ given and received!

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