Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day of Excelsior!!!!

The boys were so excited about their first day of classes! I was nervous and excited and so thankful that we were all doing it together!I love these guys!
Here they are watching other boys and girls go into the church for classes!

There! Now I have their attention!!!

There are 22 families in our Classical group, and they are so nice. Everyone does something to help out and that makes everything run smoothly. They all serve in areas that they are gifted in. Two doctors teach the high school science classes (Chemistry, A &P, etc.), a constitutional lawyer's wife teaches an intense high school history program (the final is a 30 page essay ~ seriously!!), those gifted in art and music serve in those areas. Guess where I serve?
They took one look at me and said, "Now that girl knows food. Let's put her in charge of lunches!!" And, that is what I do. I organize lunch. And, let me tell you, so far it has not been a piece of cake!!! I think Erik and I spent about 5 hours on it this past week. So, I told Erik that next year I was going to volunteer to teach high school Latin because that sounds like cake compared to doing lunches!! Ha! :-) I'm totally kidding!!! The families (kids and parents) were so sweet and appreciative of lunch today. I am thankful that I am able to serve these nice families in this way.
The boys had fun! They were in class from 8 until 12:30. Classes are broken up into 30 minute increments. The k-2nd grade are together for most of their classes, so JCT and Joshua enjoyed that tremendously!!! The classes they rotate through are: History, Literature, Geography, Latin, Grammar (for Joshua) and Phonics (for JCT), Science (they are using a Charlotte Mason style Botany course ~ so it is very hands on and fun!), and Bible. They study history chronologically in a four year cycle beginning with Antiquity (ancient times) and go to Modernity (modern times). All the literature, the artists, and the composers that they study each year come from the time period that they are studying that year.
The boys thoroughly enjoyed their day, and lunch went off without a hitch. We were quite tired when we came home this afternoon!
Now I am about to get ready to go on a date with my husband!!! Yay for a good first day!!


Sarah said...

So glad it went well! That group is blessed to have your sweet family this year :)

I'm coordinating lunch for the moms at our co-op this year, as well as a small breakfast each week, and I'm quaking in my boots. We might need to compare notes. :)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

congrats! hope you enjoyed your date too! :0)

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