Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sweet Roan

I met her for the first time when Joshua was 3 and JCT was one, and I was interested in homeschooling. Two years and two children later, I got nervous about my abilities and signed Joshua up for school. And, he began public school Kindergarten. Two years and a great deal of indecision later, I called her once again for counsel when we decided to try homeschooling.

And, so I went to her house and spent the afternoon. Her home is off the road a bit, nestled in the woods. The dogwoods were in full bloom. Roan met me at the door with one of her daughters ~ both wore big smiles. Her home felt clean and fresh and open with light colored wood flooring and huge windows filling most of the walls. She offered me coffee, and I politely declined. To which she responded, "Come on, I need a cup of coffee. Have one with me!" I agreed because I wanted a cup all along!! :-) And, I could hardly contain my excitement when she pulled out not one, not two, but three different choices of flavored creamer!!! My kind of girl!!! :-)

She taught me a ton that afternoon. A lot of what she taught me I wrote down in a notebook ~ websites, curriculum choices, ideas to make learning fun, things to keep little ones occupied, etc. But, do you know what I remember most about my time with her? Not what she taught me intentionally, but rather what she taught me unintentionally. I'll give you two examples. . .

#1 Roan and I sat in her very cool schoolroom and discussed all aspects of homeschooling. And, as we talked children were wandering in and out of the room. At one point Sam, her youngest, came to her with a very unusual request. I don't remember exactly what it was that he wanted to do, but I do remember that it was out there! Something like putting the toy box in the pool and using it as a boat. (That wasn't his request. I'm just using it as an example because I am having some minor memory loss at the moment! :-)) Roan didn't miss a beat! With eyes wide she looked directly at him and said, "Wow! That is a good idea!!! How creative! But, I don't think that will work because there are holes in the toy box, and it probably wouldn't float. And, besides it would probably ruin your toy box and then where would you put your toys? But, that is a really fun idea!!" I loved how she encouraged him to think instead of simply writing off his idea as silly. She listened and helped him think through his idea all the way. He left smiling, laughing a little, and agreeing with her logic. I loved it.

#2 Later Leah came into the schoolroom and looked around. After a few minutes, she asked if she could paint. I was curious what her mama would say. After all, she was entertaining me. She had every reason to tell Leah no or, at the very least, not right now. But, Roan didn't even hesitate. She got up from the table we were sitting at and continued our conversation as she set her sweet little daughter up at an easel with paint and paper. And, Leah painted a little masterpiece while we talked and sipped our coffee. And, once again, I loved it.

Today Roan wrote a post that I had to link to because it inspired me to be a "yes" mom. And, I can testify that she is one who practices what she preaches!

There was a freedom and a peace in her home. I left feeling refreshed and inspired. And, as I drove home, I prayed that others would feel this same way when they left my home. I love the song Invade by Watermark. It has long been the prayer that I pray over my home in the morning. "Jesus come and walk the halls of this house." I can honestly say that I felt His sweet presence in her home.

No amount of decorating or decluttering can compare to a home filled to overflowing with the love of Jesus. His peace, joy, beauty, and freedom can make any house an inviting and rejuvenating place to be!!

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Roan said...

Your comments and observations are so kind! I am humbled by your appreciation. I am always happy to share my home with others, and I am so pleased that you felt welcome! Thank you for making my day with that sweet post!

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