Thursday, August 26, 2010

Glimpses of Our Week So Far. . .

The crab-apple tree has been a hit this summer. Joshua and JCT discovered that they can climb it. And, the deer have decided that they love to eat the crab-apples! And, we love to watch them. I was working on memory work with the boys when they became completely distracted by this. . .
A mama and a baby deer wandered very close to our home. We have become accustomed to deer coming near and eating from our crab-apple tree. But, this is the youngest deer we have ever seen close up! He was such a cutie, and so quick! He would dart from tree to tree skipping along behind his mama. So sweet! It made our day!!! :-)
The question that I get asked most often about homeschooling is. . .
What do you do with the little boys?
Good question. I'm still trying to figure that one out ~ to be quite honest!!! :-) I usually hang with them while Joshua and JCT do their independent work first thing in the morning. We do puzzles, read books, play playdoh, and draw. Thankfully, I have two tables. So, while Joshua and JCT work in the dining room, the little boys can "work" at the kitchen table. I am easily accessible to the big boys for questions, but I am also able to sip my coffee and spend time with my little men. Because once the big boys finish their independent work, school becomes one on one with mom, alternating between the big boys. At that point, I depend on whatever big boy I am not working with to help me keep the little boys occupied and out of the school/dining room.

Erik Daniel is really a great kid. He keeps me so busy because he is TROUBLE. But, he always has such a good time! He is almost always smiling and laughing ~ even when I am fussing at him!!!!!! I'm so thankful for him.
And, my sweet Lijah, he is such a good boy. I don't think about him often because 9 times out of 10 he does what I ask. He doesn't demand much ~ just a little chocolate milk every now and then. All in all, I have to make conscious efforts to give him special attention because he is just such a go with the flow little guy that he could easily go along unnoticed ~ except for the fact that he is amazingly cute!! I am so thankful for him. They are all so special to me, so unique, so perfect, so precious. They each add a different little spice to our family. I'm so grateful for each little loan from God!!!
This week was revival at church, and it has profoundly affected my sons. They are playing church so much right now! Tonight I had to be the choir, Joshua and JCT took turns preaching, and Elijah was the music director. He directed my singing while Joshua shared the gospel over my singing ~ just like an invitation time! So, cute!! The cool thing is that they both quote the preachers nearly verbatim. They are listening! Who knew?? Last night we sang Midnight Cry at the end of the service. When we got home, it was all the boys could talk about. Joshua was so excited about Jesus coming back!!! He didn't want to go to sleep for fear he might sleep through Gabriel's trumpet call. Erik assured him that no one would sleep through that!! He wasn't convinced, so I told him that I'd wake him up if Jesus came back and that sufficed.
Yesterday, I caught JCT drawing on the chalk board showing Erik Daniel the way to come into relationship with Christ. Here he is presenting the gospel to a very uninterested brother...

I was having a really bad day the other day. I was ready to pull my hair out!! So, I made the boys lunch, strapped Erik Daniel in his highchair, slipped off to my room (right off the kitchen/den), ran on the treadmill ~ my therapy, and prayed. I could hear and see them, but I kept a distance to have a bit of peace. A little while later I heard Joshua calling for me to help him. So, I came in the kitchen to check on him. The boys were doing their after lunch chores. And, Joshua got himself (probably on purpose) tangled up in the vacuum cord!!! He is so silly!! I couldn't help myself! I laughed out loud!! Bad mood ~ gone!! Thanks to my sweet big boy!!!

Oh, yeah, you noticed he is wearing his pads. Your kids eat in full pads, too, don't they?
Just say yes!
And, that about sums up this very busy, very fun week. Tomorrow we go for our first day of classes with our Classical Christian Homeschool group!! We are all very excited!!


Donna Wright said...

My now 19 year old daughter told me that she actually learned to read while I was teaching kindergarten to her 5 year old brother (she was 3). She insisted on sitting with us when we did phonics. She was reading when she just turned 5. It wasn't until later on that she realized that is how she learned to read. I thought it "just happened" Kids can learn a lot when they are very young.

Anonymous said...

It's such a wonderful benefit of homeschooling that the sibling relationship becomes so close! And, the fact that your sons are so spiritually aware is so awesome!! I don't know you, but you sound like a wonderful mother who is doing a great job raising her little boys as warriors for Christ! You inspire me.:)

Thanks for sharing your have encouraged me today.


boysintraining said...

I, too, am blessed to be the Mama of 4 precious little boys. Thank you for sharing some of your days!

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