Sunday, October 24, 2010

His Own Little Man. . .

He is his own little man, my James Christofer Truett. Yes, sir, he is!

Erik snapped this quick picture of JCT and some of the rest of his little choir group as they were getting positioned on stage. They were singing during our Sunday evening service which is very casual, but JCT insisted he wear his "preacher suit." I tried, at first, to talk him out of it, but then I decided why not?? You can't see it in the picture, but he wore his black converse high tops with his "preacher suit." He has his own unique style.

Joshua and Erik ran their second 5k together yesterday (Race for the Cure). They both really enjoy running together. They ran again this morning before the sun was fully up. It is starting to bother JCT. He wants to be part of the fun. I couldn't tell Saturday if he was upset because he missed out on running with his brother and his dad or whether he was just jealous that they got free Yoplait, and he had none??

Bless his heart, he just can't keep up. Erik keeps encouraging him, telling him when he can run 3 miles without stopping to walk, then he can run a race with them. So, this afternoon he decided to practice running. Daddy mapped out a track in the yard and timed him. He ran without stopping for 20 minutes and 30 seconds!! Go, little man! I was inside piddling on the computer while JCT ran circles on the make believe track.

JCT came bursting through the back door, "I did it mom! I ran 2 miles without stopping! I'm getting better!" I encouraged him, told him how I proud I was of him, etc. Then, he promptly asked for "leg medicine ~ the purple kind" because his leg muscles were sore! I gave him some Tylenol. Then, he grabbed our most current Eastbay catalog, and began searching for some running shoes.

Because, after all, he is now officially a runner. So, he needed some blue running shoes, no doubt the most expensive ones Eastbay sells.

Oh, and when I put him to bed tonight, he looked at me with his big green eyes and announced, "Mommy, next time I sing in front of the church I'd like to wear my Elvis suit." His white Elvis suit ~ complete with rhinestones and glitter ~ 100% appropriate ~ as long as they are singing How Great Thou Art.

I love my little man!!

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Love this post!

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