Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Storm

The calm before the storm. . .

Erik Daniel and I took Rain out for his late afternoon "special time." It looked like rain could fall at any moment. The clouds were dark and heavy, and thundered rolled in the distance. But, it was calm and peaceful where we were walking. But, out of the stillness and quietness came a roar ~ gentle at first but growing louder by the second. And, out of nowhere came a strong and wild gust of wind that took us by surprise. Leaves fell like rain all around us. I ran for the house, dropped Rain and Eriky off, and came back outside to take pictures and enjoy the lively weather!

The boys were glued to the window yelling, "Mom, you said it would rain. And, look it is raining leaves!!!" By the end the pond was full of floating leaves. I love autumn!!!
The pictures do not do this little windstorm justice. Well, this one may. . .

After the weather settled down, I noticed the trees out back were glowing in the autumn sunset. So, I ran outside to take a look! And, look what the boys and I discovered. . .
A full arch rainbow! So beautiful! Unfortunately the trees blocked our view of the entire arch, but Erik could see the entire thing from his office!

So beautiful!!! And, our soccer games were cancelled, so we had a peaceful evening at home as a family!!

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Stacey Posey said...

Hi Erin! I found your blog! I love it....oh, well, we missed soccer, but the rain was so nice! My boys and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the sounds of the rain and thunder.

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