Friday, October 22, 2010

Losing. It./ Craziness/Making PB and Soap!!

Yes, those are underwear behind the boys in this picture. Not sure who they belong to or why they are not on, but they are there nonetheless. . .

I may just start doing one weekly post with a crazy amount of unrelated and unorganized information. I just do not have time to post anymore!!! When will there be less to do??? When??


That's when.

It hit me when I was nursing Erik Daniel one time. I think he was 4 months or so at the time. And, I was thinking about how one day Erik and I would be alone, and life would once again be calm and organized. Then, it hit me.

About the time Erik Daniel leaves for college, Joshua could be getting married. And, that means grandkiddos are just around the corner. And, multiply granddolls by four kids (now five).

And, basically. . .

I'll be busy for the rest of my life.

Isn't it great???

Okay, so anyway, this week, oh, this week. . . It was a serious of roller coaster like ups and downs. This baby has me acting like an emotional basketcase. I've always been close to being an emotional basketcase, but this pregnancy has totally pushed me over the edge. I'm not nauseated anymore. No, now I am just plain crazy. Take for example this conversation. . . Joshua and I were discussing WWII because it came up for some random unschool-related reason. Of course, he wanted to know who won and how. So, I was honest. I told him that we did, and I added that we won by dropping bombs on the Japanese. Immediately images of Hiroshima and Nagasaki flooded my mind. His response was, "Cool!!" To which I quickly snapped, "No, it was not cool. It was awful!!!" Then, the tears came like a flood. "Mom, are you crying??" he asked. "Yes, I'm crying!!!" Then, he asked, "Why are you crying?" And, all I could say, and I blubbered it over and over like a complete lunatic, "I'm crying because it was an awful war, an awful, awful, terrible war. It was horrible, just horrible." I saw images of the Holocaust in my mind. WWII was an awful thing, but normally I wouldn't cry about it. I'm nearly convinced that I am losing it, ever so slowly, ever so surely. . . I. am. losing. it.

And, in other news, Rain puked one morning this week. He puked all over the kitchen floor just as I was getting to a good part in our read aloud. Then a couple hours later I was doing math with Joshua when Erik Daniel waltzed into the schoolroom naked. I thought to myself, "Self, when you finish this last point, go put a diaper on your youngest son." And, as soon as I said this to myself, Eriky turned to waltz back into the kitchen, and his naked bottom was covered in brown. So, I said to myself, "Self, you can go over this last point in a minute. You must first catch brown-bottomed child." So, I chased his cute little brown buns into the other room, assessed the damages, found the dirty diaper with my dog's nose in it, carried said child at great distance from my body to nearest changing station, cleaned his backside, and diapered him.

And, this, friends, this is my life.

Every. day.

It isn't pretty, but it is fun!!!

They make me laugh so hard! Take for instance, one day this week we were reviewing our composer for this month. I had the computer open to play various versions of Brahm's Lullaby that the boys' art/music teacher recommended. I turned the music on, and then I went to warm up a late lunch of leftover lasagna for myself. A few minutes later I turned around to see this. . .

Totally faking sleep! I laughed out loud!! They are such characters!

And, let's see what else happened this week? Oh, yes, I walked out of the school room to find that Erik Daniel decided it was about time I clean out my basket of magazines!! I couldn't even walk to my bedroom! They were everywhere!!! And, guess what? I scooted them to the side and left them there for 2 days! Erik said something about them being kind of in the way, and I said, "I'll get to them Thursday. Can't do it today, sorry!" I know my limitations!

Now the real news of the week is that we made soap and peanut butter. Both were tons of fun and much easier than I anticipated. Here are the pics. . .

And, for lunch we had. . .

We were a soapmaking factory this week!! So fun!!!

I don't have a picture of our finished soap!!! It was part of the boys' science project for Excelsior, and I won't get them back until next week. (They are studying Botany, and the soaps were made with various herbs. It is sciencey, I promise! Well, sort of, anyway!! :-) I'll try to remember to take pictures next week!

And, that pretty much sums up the week. Oh, except for the pumpkin patch, but I'll post that separately when I have more time!!! And, I forgot, I went to the doctor today and heard my little one's heartbeat on the doppler!!! Thank You, Jesus, for a strong heartbeat!!! :-) I'm off!!!

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Vicky said...

Can you share your soap recipe? I've been looking for one online, but they all have warnings about the dangers of working with lye. That's kinda scared me, but I figure if you have a recipe that young kids could do, than I can probably be brave enough to try it :)

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