Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Unamimous

JCT wrote this note to Joshua. . . They have converted him. Now, it is unanimous. The boys want a brother and only a brother! Let me help you read the note above, "Let's go boys! To: Joshua. (the tracing of the hand is meant to represent the word "Five") Five boys in the family." JCT likes to shorten "the" to "d." Maybe we have some Jamaican roots that I don't know about? Not sure?

Anyway, here is the flip side of that sheet...
Let me translate "The babe in Mom's tummy will be a boy." I am not sure what the "ind" at the end means?????

Anyway, I found his little note, and it made me laugh! :-)


Tyna said...

Well, I'm still sending pink fuzzies your way until you know for sure!!

HW said...

I have a feeling if that baby is a girl, those 4 big brothers are going to be smitten from the moment of her first breath.

My son was not disappointed in having a sister all those years ago but he did not like her name (KaylaBeth) he insisted on calling her Rebecca for the first week. Of course there was that time he told his grandma "I'm going to stay in my woom and not even wook at her....." but that didn't last long.

Nothing like a new baby in a home...sigh...such a sweet and magical time.

When will you find out if this new blessing will be wearing pink or blue?

Katina said...

Aww, I love it! Your blog is one of my absolute favorite blogs. I love how you share your heart and honestly write. It's so special.

I have three boys and would love to hear your thoughts and tips on raising boys...boys are so much fun, and you have lots of experience. Keep up the good work! :)

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

So sweet! My kindergartener writes the silliest things and I almost don't want her to learn to spell for real because it's not nearly as cute!

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