Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch ~ 2010

Last Wednesday we met a some friends from our co-op at the pumpkin patch, and it was so much fun!! First, the boys spent some time jumping in the bouncy thingys. Erik Daniel loved jumping, and Elijah loved the sliding!!

Then, it was off to meet the animals. Here are some cute kiddos enjoying the trailer ride to the big red barn full of farm animals!

And, here is sweet Mama Meagan with Mobley. I tend to drool over Mobley because he is beyond cute. He still has a wrinkly back, and there is not a thing in the world cuter than a baby with a wrinkly back ~ not one single thing. Meagan is such a gentle and sweet mama. A few Fridays ago I mentioned to her that Erik had to go to an away game that night. And, I knew I liked her when she responded this way, "Ahhhh. . . Put the kids to bed at 8:00 and put on a pot of coffee!!!!"

Erik Daniel was in animal heaven!!! He loved the animals. He pet them, fed them, and squealed uncontrollably at them!!!! He is my animal loving boy.

The kids took turns milking the "cow."

Then, they ran through a hay maze which I renamed an allergic person's worst nightmare!!!!

Then, we were off to the pumpkin patch. . .

Many of the pumpkins were still on the vine.

The boys picked out their pumpkins and headed back to the trailer.

My boys love Miles. . .

The boys were worn out when we left! They had a blast ~ playing, laughing, and running!! Miles told me that he was going to go home and "dissect" his pumpkin!!! :-) He's a cutie!

I just love fall, pumpkins, and farms! And, the boys love having "their" pumpkins. I let Erik Daniel run free this year, and he did great. He had so much fun running around the pumpkin patch picking out his very own pumpkin. This was the first year that he has gotten to be one of the big boys, and he really enjoyed himself! It was a good day.

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Stacey Posey said...

Hi Erin, We missed has been sick. I'm still loving your blog! I shared a link to it on my blog

See you at soccer!

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