Monday, December 07, 2009

First Frost Warmth. . .

I wonder if 5 years from now posts like this will rank among my favorites! Memories of the everyday ordinary things are so precious. We tend to make a big deal over holidays and monumental events, but there is something so special about the simple things, the simple, everyday, ordinary memories.

The morning after Thanksgiving we woke up to our first frost. I don't know why I celebrate the first frost each year, but for some reason it is special to me! I love to look out the window at the glittery, sparkly grass. I love to be warm, and I think that is why I love fall and winter! I love the contrast between the cold of outdoors and the warmth of my home. The other day Elijah and I walked to the mailbox to get the day's mail, and as I carried him back toward the house he said, "Run! Run! Run to the warm house! Run to the warm house!" And, I smiled to myself because in his simple request, he summed up my love for winter!
Erik had to stand on the sidelines at what turned out to be our high school football team's last game last Friday night. It was too cold for our little ones, so I stayed home with them. We watched a movie and ate popcorn and did that kind of thing. After they went to sleep, I went up to check on them, and I was overwhelmed by the peace that I felt in their room. I had to take a couple pictures in an attempt to somehow bottle up the peace of the moment so that I could revisit it again one day! The room was very dark, but you cannot tell that from the pictures!
The big boys. . .
And, sweet Lijah. . .
Sometimes I'm simply overwhelmed at all the little blessings running through my home! These boys are so precious. They melt my heart over and over again. I wonder if they will ever know or understand or comprehend how much I love the getting to be their mom ~ getting to hold them, helping to mold them, watching them grow, loving them so much that I cannot describe!!

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