Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Christmas, Two Christmas, White Christmas, Blue Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas both at my big brother Kelly's home and at our home several days later!! I am so anxious to post pictures of our Christmases, but unfortunately the thought of it overwhelms me! I didn't take pictures while we were away ~ rather I relied on my mother to take plenty of pictures for me. And, she excelled as per her usual and took over 400 pictures!!! And, the crazy thing is that 200 out of the 400 are amazingly great ~ blogworthy as Erik would say! But, I'd be attached to my computer all day long if I tried to upload 200 pictures, so I am going to slowly weed through them. . . Who knows when I will get it done. Oh, heavens, Erik Daniel just fell asleep in my arms as I am typing this!! How sweet! Let me go lay him down, and I'll be right back. . .

Okay, he is sleeping soundly in his crib now, and my hands are more free to type!

I think it began on one of his trips alone with his Daddy. . . Erik discovered that Joshua's favorite station on XM radio was the Elvis station. And, from that time on, Joshua has shared his Daddy's love and respect for the King ~ as all good southern boys should! My brother Kelly and his daughter Peyton, also, love Elvis. So, this Christmas we left their home with two new Elvis CDs and a hand-me-down Elvis costume that Peyton once wore to her Elvis birthday party. We hardly watched movies the 6.5 hour drive home ~ instead we listened to our new Elvis Greatest Hits CD. And, last night the boys decided to put on a show for Pop, Erik, and I! They were so cute that I had to video them! I couldn't choose between two of the videos, so I am going to post them both. They are very short but cute!!!

I love Lija in this one. . .

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ali said...

Love the videos!!

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