Monday, December 14, 2009

Full Hands, Full Heart!!!

This morning my sweet JCT woke up with fever which continued throughout the day ending in a visit to Daddy's office complete with flu and strep test.

Drum roll, please. . . .

The strep test was positive. :-(

I am so sorry that he is sick, really I am, but, man, oh, man, is he adorably cute when he is sick!!!! This afternoon I sat on the couch and held him and we watched Little Bear while his little brothers napped. I sipped hot chocolate and snuggled my sweet boy, and I loved every minute of it!!!! I could eat him up!!!!

In other news Rain barked like crazy this afternoon, so I ran to the window to see what all the fuss was about. . . There was a deer meandering through our backyard. So, I took the boys to the window to let them see the deer. Joshua and JCT immediately saw the deer, but Elijah was having trouble. So, I pointed out that the deer was right in front of the garden to which Elijah replied in a very confused voice, "I see Rain???" I laughed and told him that he was right Rain does look a lot like a deer!

And, back to my sweet JCT, as I tucked him gently in his bed and brushed his soft strawberry blond hair off his hot, fevered brow, he began asking me questions about when Elijah would move from his crib to a bed. And, then he wanted to know where Erik Daniel would sleep. . . He has to know the plan, you know? And, as I sat their beside him and stroked his hair, my heart melted. . .

I am so thankful tonight. So thankful for my sweet boys, for the things that make them unique and special, for the bits and pieces of my Savior that I can already see in their lives. I am so thankful for their health, their hearts, and their joy. I am thankful for their Daddy. I am thankful that I married the love of my life, and I am thankful that after 10+ years of marriage, I still get butterflies.

I went to Gap with all four boys by myself one day last week. And, the lady behind me in line gave me the usual, "Are all of them yours. . . All boys. . . Whew. . . Your hands are full. . ." Then, I turned to pay and had the exact same conversation with the lady who was checking me out. As tired of that as I get, some days my heart smiles because I know something that they don't know. As I talked to the lady behind me in line, we watched Joshua acting like a goon trying to make Erik Daniel smile. And, we watched JCT bend over to pick something up that Elijah dropped. And, we watched Joshua and JCT howl with the laughter while hug/tackling and nearly falling to the ground. You see, they don't get it! They see a bunch of rambunctious, curious little boys. I see leaders, servants, joyful hearts, and love on display. It is hard. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't hard. It is hard, so hard. They are at times defiant, angry, temper tantrum throwing, crying, whining little boys. Four boys in Five years, it isn't easy. And, I suppose if I focused on that all the time, I would be miserable. But, there is so much more that comes with it!!!! I can't explain it ~ except to say that my heart overflows.

My Joshua my servant leader, who loves, cares, and whose body houses one of the most precious and tender hearts that I have ever known. He is selfless somehow almost by nature ~ like his sweet Daddy ~ always thinking of others better than himself ~ always wanting to give, and give, and give. He is compliant and flexible, my peacemaker. With strength and determination he faces his fears. I am so proud of him.

My James Christofer Truett, my sharp as a tack boy who is aware of anything and everything that goes on around him ~ like his Daddy. If it happens anywhere around him, he is aware of it and he does not forget it. He is strong and confident. He is my thinker boy who tries to figure everything out. If he had his choice, we would never read fiction books. He much prefers nonfiction books about dinosaurs, reptiles, and sharks. He prays daily for "the fresh water animals and the salt water animals." He is unique, and I am so proud of him.

My Lijah Kelly, my happy, active, smiling, silly little boy. I love to just sit and listen to him tell me stories. He is aggressive when he feels that he needs to be, but, on the flip side, he is gentle and sweet when he needs to be, as well. He is as happy as the bright sunshine, but in a flash he can turn and show his fiery temper!! He loves to use his hands when he talks and his little face is so expressive!!! He goes hard all day playing, talking, laughing, and running, but when it is time to go to bed, he crashes quick and hard. He adds so much life to our family! I am so proud of him.

And, my Erik Daniel Manning, my sweet, content baby who has now learned to walk and is very independent! He is strong and sure of himself. He loves balls, and he loves to throw them ~ hard! He loves all his big brothers and Rain ~ all of which he refers to as "Bubba." He is so happy and so cute! And, I am so proud of him, too.

After long, hard days, when we finally get everyone in bed, and we go out to walk Rain in front of the house, Erik and I often have the same conversation. And, the gist of it is summed up in this one question and answer. . .

"As hard as it is, would we ever want it any other way?"

And, the answer. . .

An unwavering, uncontested. . .


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Linda said...

Loved this blog.... These silly, crazy boys are going to walk with God and change the world with Him inside them.. one person at a time. And they will all look and act differently as they walk out what God was prepared beforehand for them to walk in.
I laughed again and again yesterday thinking of how we laughed on the phone with them in the background jabbering and getting into EVERYTHING... especially Little Bit. And your sudden screeches of "No, Elijah, don't hold onto his legs you'll make him fall " or ", No, don't get in the trash, Baby!" And I remembered how you were such a girly girl who didn't babysit much and didn't ever get very dirty and yet God is using you to raise these little men, and you do it so beautifully. I love to watch Christ in you as you walk out the unlikely works that He prepared beforehand that YOU should walk in. Isn't walking with Him an adventure?? Glory to His Name!

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